‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 ‘The Children’: Free Live Stream & Spoilers for GOT’s Best Finale Ever [VIDEO]

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HBO's epic fantasy series "Game of Thrones" is down with one last episode for season 4 and fans willy finally see what will happen to Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister before the show goes on its yearly break. This Sunday's (June 15) show will start at 9 PM ET on HBO and according to series creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss the season 4 finale will be the show's best finale ever and will top their most-watched episodes, including the Starks "Red Wedding" and Joffrey's "Purple Wedding."

"It's the best finale we've ever done, bar none," Benioff and Weiss said in a statement posted on HNGN. "The performances from our cast, the direction from Alex Graves, the VFX work, the new [music] cues from Ramin Djawadi-all of it came together in perhaps the finest hour we've produced. We're immensely proud of 'The Children.'"

Titled "The Children," GOT season 4 episode 10 will be aired in 66 minutes and will feature a great deal of computer generated visual effects and it's going to be a hopeful ending not a depressing one. "It takes the storyline to a whole new level of a particular storyline. And you're like WOW," according to Sophie Turner who play Sansa Stark in an interview posted on Communities Digital News. "It's a hopeful turn. It's dramatic but it's like, for once Game of Thrones isn't so depressing."

With so many stories to cover; episode 10 will see the conclusion of Tyrion's fae, Bran finding the weirwood tree, Jon Snow's battle with Mance Ryder's army and the Daenerys next step after putting Jorah Mormont into exile. Fans of the show are still reeling from the death of Prince Oberyn Martell and Sansa next plan after testifying in favor with Peter Baelish.

Another character that fans should watch out for is Ned Stark's youngest Arya as she continues to travel with The Hound after finding out that her Aunt Lysa could no longer pay for her freedom. A breath of fresh air from all the killings and murderous plot, Arya and The Hound offered fans a delighting season with their hilarious exchanges and based on the trailer she could end up with another abductor.

According to a recent interview, Jon Snow played by Kit Harrington will definitely return for more action in the show's season 5 so rest assured that he will survive the battle against the Wildlings. "Thrones is never ending for me," said Harington to E! News in an interview. "If it's not airing, I'm filming it. I go off and start filming in late July for 'Thrones' Season 5 and you'll have to see where it all ends up. But watch episode 10 [on Sunday], it's going to be a bit of an impact episode."

"Game of Thrones" Season 4 finale "The Children" can be viewed online through live streaming here. Check out HBO Latino East (with Spanish subtitles), or check HBO West and Latino West at 9 p.m. Pacific Time.

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