'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Characters Recast: 'The New Mountain', 'Daario Naharis' [VIDEOS, SPOILERS]

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IN PHOTO: A dragon statue stands on a red carpet in preparation for the season four premiere of the HBO series "Game of Thrones" in New York in this March 18, 2014, file photo. The HBO fantasy epic "Game of Thrones" has been renewed for two more seasons, the premium cable network said on April 8, 2014, two days after the show's season four premiere drew the network's biggest audience in seven years. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/Files

George R. R. Martin's "Game Of Thrones" craze has just started again in its come back for season 4 last April 6 Sunday. In the past "G.O.T." seasons, there have already been character changes that may have gone unnoticed by the viewers. It's not to say these characters make little effect in the story. As the directors and producers see fit, making these changes are a good call for the betterment of the show.

Along with the viewers' favorite characters development, it's not just their survivability or longevity that needs attention. There are a few notable changes in the characters that will be noticed right off the start of the new season.

The 'New Mountain'

Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane is one of the most easy-to-miss character changes in the series. "The Mountain" had been recast twice already in the first and second seasons of the show. And for a third recast in season 4, viewers will now see a noticeable change in "The Mountain". How so? He will definitely be right smack in the T.V. screens as The New Mountain is as huge and ferocious as anyone could ever ask for.

Hafþór "Thor" Björnsson, an Icelandic, real-life power lifter will be playing the role of Gregor Clegane. Björnsson replaced Ian Whyte who played "The Mountain" for season 2, while it was Conan Stevens for the original cast in season one. The placing of Björnsson for the Mountain is deemed to be a right fit for the character. The episode "The Mountain That Rides" is where viewers will see the epic feel of The Mountain's might in season 4. Critics and viewers alike will know in this episode if he would really be the right "size" for the role.

 Last Lieutenant Of The Second Sons ( Warning! Spoiler Alert )

Daario Naharis is also one exciting character that could be worthy of the recast. Actor Michiel Huisman replaced Ed Skrein, who played for the role in season 3. It is only the first time Daario's character has seen a recast in the show. Still, everyone can never be too sure if there will be a future recast. So what's in it for the new Daario?

In season 3, Daario was a lieutenant for "The Second Sons", a sell-sword army just beyond Yunkai. "The Second Sons" were introduced on screen when Daenerys Targaryen made an offer for "The Second Sons" to join her army. The three leaders of "The Second Sons", including Daario refused the offer and went back to their base. That same night though, Daario surprisingly slayed his two fellow leaders, Mero and Prendahl. Daario went back to Daenarys' camp, presented the heads of the leaders, and swore absolute allegiance from there on.

Daario is now a captain for Daenarys' growing army. Viewers can expect more of Daario's sexual advances, political advice, and more surprises in the latest season of "Game Of Thrones".

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