Game of Thrones Season 3: Hints and Teaser Photos Revealed [PHOTOS]


Days are nearing before Game of Thrones is back in our TV screens. And before the show pilots its first episode for season 3, new hints and photos were revealed.

Sophie Turner who plays the character of Sansa Stark in the highly anticipated Game of Thrones season 3 gave a few hints on what to expect for the coming season.  To be more specific, she revealed details about what her character would encounter in the coming Game of Thrones season 3.

"I can tell you that Sansa kind of goes through this little roller coaster on season 3 emotionally, she kind of gets her hopes up a little at times and they kind of get crushed - as per (usual) pretty much, nothing much different," Turner said. "It's very emotionally testing for Sansa this season."

Sophie also commended her fellow cast Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister. The young actress expressed her gratitude in having worked with actors like Sean Bean and Dinklage on the set.

"Peter's such a cool guy, he's amazing to act alongside with and I think I've been lucky in terms of having worked with Sean Bean closely - him being my dad, (Ned Stark) - and now Peter, I'm very lucky getting to work in scenes with these guys because they're bug successful actors," Turner added.

The third season of Game of Thrones will tackle George R.R. Martin's third novel, "A Storm of Swords." But considering that the novel is long, producers and creators of the hit HBO series decided to divide the book into two parts.

Meanwhile, new stills and character photos were released as part of the promotion for Game of Thrones season 3 in their official Facebook page.

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