Game Of Thrones Scene Reminds A Man Of Baby Left In Hot Car But Fails To Save Her

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A man is facing first degree murder charges after the death of his foster child late last month when he left her in a hot car outside their home. He was only reminded of the whereabouts of the neglected child when he heard a baby crying in an episode of HBO's popular fantasy series "Game of Thrones."

The 10-month-old baby, identified as Kadillak Poe Jones passed away on July 24 due to hyperthermia which was brought about by heat exposure after having been left in a hot car with no open windows in 90 degree weather. The incident took place in Wichita, Kansas.  

Her foster father, 29-year-old Seth Jackson has been charged with murder for her death. The baby had been in Jackson's foster care since she was two weeks old. Jackson and his partner, Payton Schroeder had been in the process of trying to adopt Kadillak.

The couple had been in the middle of watching "Game of Thrones" and had already finished one episode and were midway through another when a scene featuring a crying baby reminded Jackson that he had left Kadillak in the car. By this time, the baby had been left in the hot car for nearly two hours.

In an affidavit published by Kansas.Com, the responding police officer stated that according to Jackson, he had gone to pick up the baby from her babysitter and had also bought a pizza. Upon arriving home, he took the pizza and a 5-year-old child identified as one of the couple's adopted children and then proceeded to lock the car and enter the residence.

Once Jackson had realized his mistake due to the crying baby on screen about two hours later, Jackson and his partner Schroeder both went to retrieve the baby from inside the locked Dodge Charger. They then brought her into the house and Jackson attempted to do CPR while Schroeder called 911. The couple laid her on the couch where the first responders found her. The paramedics transferred her to the floor and attempted to revive her as well to no avail.

Schroeder admitted to the police that the two of them had smoked marijuana that Jackson had picked up earlier the same day and were high when the incident occurred.

The couple have two adopted children ages 5 and 7 plus three more foster children in their care ages 18, 5 and 3. The children are now under the care of the state and Jackson has been charged with first degree murder for Kadillak's death.

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