‘Game of Thrones’ Releases Best Of #RoastJoffrey Video Featuring King Joffrey Being Slapped

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King Joffrey is unquestionably the most reviled television character on social media today. And that’s why a roast is called for. HBO held a #RoastJoffrey game back in December, and has now a viral video slap-fest compilation of the young king being slapped, complete with some of the best #RoastJoffrey tweets.

The fantasy drama, adapted from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series novels, has uploaded the “best moments” from its online activity, in which it asked fans to tweet their best comedy roast on the sadistic Joffrey, played by Jack Gleeson.

The video features satisfying scenes from the show, in which Joffrey is being repeatedly slapped and insulted by his uncle Tyrion. It also includes tweets from fans and celebrities that lambast the loathed character.

“Joffrey, remember when a little girl disarmed you? #pathetic,” a tweet from actor @AndyMilonakis reads.

Comedy site Funny or Die wrote, “How do you circumcise a lannister? Kick his sister in the chin.”

Former “Fear Factor” host Joe Rogan passionately tweeted, “Out of all the murderous psychopaths born out of secret royal incest, you’re my favourite.”

“In high school Joffrey was voted most likely to be slapped,” wrote @nickpwaytobe, while @marthatherese added, “Joffrey is actually high Valyrian for ‘Douchebag.’”

Joffrey might be a sick, heartless scoundrel, but Gleeson appears to be a mellow and unassuming person in real life. The 21-year-old Irish actor proved that he is completely separated from the antagonist character during his 30-minute speech at The Oxford Union.

In his speech, titled “I Hate Celebrity Culture,” he explained why he opted to remain a private person rather than take advantage of his fame.

“Game of Thrones” will return on air on April 6 for its fourth season.

Watch other GoT characters roasting the young villain:

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