Game of Thrones: Kit Harrington, aka Jon Snow, Reveals Season 3 Details [PHOTOS]


Kit Harringon, or more famously known as Jon Snow, dishes out juicy details about the highly-anticipated third season of HBO's hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones.

"You know nothing Jon Snow" says red-headed Ygritte during one of her encounters with the brooding Stark bastard in season 2. It looks like the famous Ygritte phrase has no bearing in this report, as the actor who plays Jon Snow reveals "intimate" details about Game of Throne's third season.

In the third season, Jon is expected to undergo a "face-off" with Mance Ryder, and his relationship with Yrgitte is expected to flourish. In an interview with showbiz blog, Zap 2 It, Harrington describes the evolution Snow will undergo in this season.

"Jon is playing a spy, essentially, and is trying to find out where his loyalties lie. That becomes more blurred as we go on because we don't know whether he's going to stray to the Wildlings because actually he made a stupid decision when he was young about taking this vow and was it a bad call." says the actor, picturing an emotionally and mentally-confused Jon Snow.

"And so that's the story for Jon this season is finding out where his heart lies." added Harrington, in the same report.

Another turn on the pages of Jon Snow's character will involve his romantic relationship with the red-haired Wilding scout, Ygritte.

In the season's latest trailer called "The Beast," Ygritte is seen taking her cloak off, revealing a more sexy and seductive side that will ultimately blow off Jon Snow's wildest dreams.

Game of Thrones season 3 will premiere on the 31st, Easter Sunday, and fans are expected to ditch their egg hunts and watch some dragons instead. What a way to celebrate Easter. Start the slideshow to see photos of Jon Snow in and out of his character.

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