Game of Thrones Kit Harington Butt Naked, Talks Jon Snow Character

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"Game of Thrones" Kit Harington revealed that he doesn't mind being naked for the camera even if it means showing his own butt this time and not from a butt double, and described his Jon Snow character as a bastion of hope. 

According to GQ, one common notion when young actors, such as Kit Harington, join the fantasy world of "Game of Thrones" is that they are obliged to be naked when required.

In the April issue of GQ, "Game of Thrones" Jon Snow actor Kit Harington revealed that he doesn't mind getting naked in front of the camera if needed. In principle, Kit Harington saw this as fair and proper.

"It's only right, if you're going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that you be a part of that," he said of his role in "Game of Thrones," where he described the show as a "rollicking good story with sex and violence."

However, Kit Harington had qualms when asked whether he'd be obliged to show his naked manhood if his "Game of Thrones" scene calls for it. He said he wouldn't be happy about it but if ever he does go full frontal, then it has be to "well deserved."

In Season 3 of "Game of Thrones" after Jon Snow has been lured into a cave by Ygritte and seduced, Kit Harington is seen naked from behind jumping into a cave by a rock pool.

According to hollywoodlife, when fans saw Kit Harington's naked butt, they couldn't look away. Except it wasn't him they saw. Kit revealed during his interview that he had injured his ankle six weeks before shooting began for season 3, so he couldn't have performed the jump for that scene.

"When it came down to it I had a broken ankle. So the only time you saw my ass, it wasn't my ass," he said.

On the same GQ interview, Kit Harington shared his thoughts on his Jon Snow character in "Game of Thrones."

"I think Jon Snow is one of the last bastions of a young hero who might do a good thing," he said.

Kit Harington thought Jon Snow should be a leader and that he is a figure of hope in the "Game of Thrones" story.

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