Game of Thrones: Kings Landing Takes New Address, New Wedding for Season 4

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In all the seven kingdoms of Westeros, Kings Landing is the most favored one for it is the site of the Iron Throne and the Red Keep, the seat of the king. But this year the famous Kings Landing will be taking a new address in the historic town of Kings Langley for a week in Feb.

The English town will change its name to Kings Landing of HBO's "Game of Thrones" to celebrate the DVD release of the third season of the hit series. Located in the county of Hertfordshire, Kings Langley is an historic town situated 20 miles northwest of London with a population of just over 5000.

Based on Radio Times report, "a producer for the hit HBO show heard the town listed as a stop while waiting for a train at London's Euston station and was inspired to instigate the name change."

This is not the first time that a small town changes its name to reflect a popular entertainment show, a town of in New Mexico change its name from Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences. The town was after a popular 1950's NBC radio program who offered to air "Truth or Consequences" to the first town that will name itself after the show.

There is a second Kings Langley that can be found in suburban Sydney and Canada has a settlement called Kings Landing in Prince William, but these two small towns make no intention to do the same.

The rural town is expected to get a full makeover within a few weeks to coincide with the DVD release of the third season of the "Game of Thrones." The village will have theme events throughout the celebratory week, and shortly before the DVD release HBO is set to launch the fourth season of the fantasy series.

And speaking of the "Game of Thrones" fourth season, so what can diehard fans expect after the "Red Wedding?"

"We have another royal wedding, this one is not red; this one is a different color," author George R.R. Martin told E! News. "We have the introduction of some great new characters. We finally introduce one of the most popular characters from the books: Prince Oberon Martell. The Red Viper of Dorne will be introduced for the first time and there will be some other new characters that I think the fans will like."

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