'Game of Thrones' Joins 'Breaking Bad'; Sophie Turner and Mark Margolis Appear in New Indie Film

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Sophie Turner
Cast member Sophie Turner arrives for the premiere of the fourth season of HBO series "Game of Thrones" in New York March 18, 2014.

Sophie Turner and Mark Margolis will both appear in an Indie Film titled "Alone". The story is about a 35 year-old man who goes through a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, then lately be taken care of by an unlikely rebellious New York City teenager.

Sophie Turner is a young English actress, who appears in the current on-going popular series "Game of Thrones". Her role as "Sansa Stark" in "G.O.T." has been given quite the attention, as she is one of the many characters that attract following in the popular T.V. series.The 18 year-old actress, since her appearance in G.O.T., gave her career opportunities for other films, as she was rumored to have more already in line. One of which will be her upcoming film "Alone", where she plays as a NYC high school student, a major role in the story.

Who would forget the outstanding performance of Mark Margolis as "Hector Salamanca" in "Breaking Bad"?Mark Margolis is a 74 year-old actor born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania who was best known for his supporting role in the movie "Scarface". The mute and handicapped old man in a wheelchair, who added so much intensity to Breaking Bad, can be expected to make a good addition to the new film. Mark Margolis also had roles in the film "Noah", and in the T.V. series "American Horror Stories: Asylum", to name a few.

He will be playing as Sophie's grandfather in the upcoming film, as he revealed in a tweet recently in his official Twitter page. Sophie and Mark looked very nice together in one of his latest tweets.

Major details about the story could be a surprise, as several reports and official statements haven't been announced yet. At the moment, viewers and fans alike may watch these two actors present T.V. shows and projects while waiting for the outcome of their new film together.

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