‘Game of Thrones’ is Inspired by Real Historical Events and Personalities: Find Out Who is Who-- Details

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HBO's "Game of Thrones" is one of the most popular TV series of all times that has earned huge and devoted fan following. The show is based on George RR Martin's series of fantasy novels titled "A Song of Ice and Fire." The show that revolves around complicated plots and features larger-than-life settings may seem way too fantastical and implausible. But it is said that the show has real history as its basis. According to the Daily Mail the show is "largely based on historical events" as revealed by the author George R.R. Martin. Read on to find out the details. Warning: Spoilers Alert!

This article contains minor spoilers. Read only if you want to learn more about it.

The Web site notes, that the infamous war between Starks and Lannisters in "Game of Thrones" is strikingly similar to 15th century wars for the throne of England called the War of the Roses.

The Starks bear resemblance to the House of York who were northerners and Lannisters who are compared to the House of Lancaster, the affluent southerners. For more, some of George R.R. Martin's characters have been inspired by some of historical personalities.

Aiden Gillen's Petyr Baelish is inspired by Thomas Cromwell, who was the key member of Henry VIII's court. Baelish and Cromwell do not come from affluent family but made their space in the world with the help of their intelligence, skills and shrewdness.

Cromwell was the son of a brewer and belonged to a very humble family. But he eventually gained success and high status in society after he became an accountant. He studied law and accountancy and entered king's court. Both Baelish and Cromwell are known for being crude plotters who were involved in betraying Kings. Baelish had a hand in King Joffrey's death and is also said to be the part of Starks' early demise.

Lena Headey's Cersei Barathreon is compared to Margaret of Anjou. She was Henry VI's wife who was also known for her scheming nature. Her life was driven by her own needs and desires and accomplishing them.

As for Deanerys Targaryen, she resembles Henry Tudor or Henry VII who is known to have snatched the throne of England from Richard III. He did that after he crossed the English Channel with a foreign army in tow. But before that, he spent several years in France in exile. Looking at the similarities between the two, one can easily point out how Daenerys is similar to Henry Tudor in her ambitions. She built a humungous army to finally conquer her birthplace, Westeros and occupy the iron throne, just like Henry VII.

Jack Gleeson's Joffrey Baratheon has been inspired by Edward of Lancester. Joffrey who is known for his sadistic nature and ruthlessness has been compared to the son of Mary of Anjou who died in the age of 17. Edward Lancaster has been described as barbarous boy who was very harsh to his wife Anne Neville like Joffrey to Sansa Stark.

Robert Baratheon bears resemblance with Edward IV. Just as Edward IV brought Yorkist to the throne in 1461, Robert Baratheon was also able to overthrow Targeryen rule. Both of them led to a conflict in their kingdom when they made some amendments in their will regarding succession on their deathbed.

"Game of Thrones" character Robert also bears resemblance with Henry VIII. They were both fond of wine and hunting. They both were ferocious warrior. 

Richard Madden's Robb Stark also derives inspiration from Edward IV. Edward's marriage and Robb's love life are said to be the cause of difficulties for both of them. Edward's impulsive marriage cost him his association with Earl of Warwick who planned to marry him with sister-in-law of the French ruler, Louis XI. The Earl, later, battled against Edward and Walder Frey fought Robb, eventually killing him at the Red wedding.

For more, News Com AU point out similarities between Peter Dinklage's Tyrion Lannister and Richard III. The Web site notes, that historians believe that Tyrion's physical features bear resemblance to that of Richard III. Richard III has been described as a "deformed man of 'little stature,'" just like Tyrion Lannister in "Game of Thrones." During the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion suffered some major injuries that made him a deformed man.

Richard is said to be the killer of his young nephew Edward V, who disappeared and was never found. Similarly, in "Game of Thrones," Tyrion Lannister is said to be involved in the murder of his own nephew, King Joffrey.   

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