'Game of Thrones' Fan Dave Goldblatt Gets Character Named after Him for $20,000 [VIDEO]

Facebook employee Goldblatt donated on Prizeo to gain the honour of being written into 'A Song of Ice and Fire'
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George RR Martin, the famous author of the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire," upon which the wildly popular HBO original series "Game of Thrones" is based, announced last week that he will write in a character and subsequently kill him off in one of the upcoming books to the tune of $20,000 which will be given to charity.

The first lucky winner has been announced and his name is Dave Goldblatt. The 30-year-old facebook employee is one of two people who have won the contest which Martin announced on June 5. The crowd funding contest on Prizeo works by asking fans to solicit donations for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and the Food Depot of Santa Fe near his home in New Mexico.

Goldblatt has apparently chosen to be a Valyrian. He will be consulting personally with the author on how best to incorporate the character and to plan his martyr's death.

The contest allows the winner to choose the character's status in life whether he be a lord, a knight or a lowly peasant. The character may also be from any existing race in that is already known in the story. The character will be written into the upcoming books and will also be guaranteed a grisly death, something that the book and series has become notorious for.

The $20,000 price tag is for a character in the book and possibly the series but other amounts can get fans a video message from Martin, a signed map of Westeros, a script of the first-ever "Game of Thrones" episode signed by the cast and crew, a pair of tickets to next season's red carpet premiere or even breakfast with the author.

Everyone who donates will also be automatically entered into a raffle to win a trip to New Mexico to meet the author himself and go on a field trip to the wolf sanctuary which is the main beneficiary of the charity effort.

The contest runs for two months and Goldblatt is the first contributor to be announced. That leaves only one more slot to be filled that of a woman who will also be written into the story and suffer the same grisly fate.

See George RR Martin's contest announcement here:

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