'Game of Thrones' Different Opening Music Covers: Cat, Dog, Violin, and Metal Versions [REVIEW, VIDEOS]

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IN PHOTO: A dragon statue stands on a red carpet in preparation for the season four premiere of the HBO series "Game of Thrones" in New York in this March 18, 2014, file photo. The HBO fantasy epic "Game of Thrones" has been renewed for two more seasons, the premium cable network said on April 8, 2014, two days after the show's season four premiere drew the network's biggest audience in seven years. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/Files

The "Game of Thrones" fame spread like wildfire and had taken over many different platforms. GOT's opening theme song proved to be as popular as the show itself. Fans worldwide created different covers of the show's music that are cute, hilarious, and others worthy of praise.

The hit Game of Thrones music was composed by Ramin Djawadi. He is a German-Iranian composer who specializes with orchestral music for film and television shows. He is the man behind musical scores for movies "Iron Man", "Pacific Rim", and T.V. series "Prison Break", "Person of Interest" and the most popular "Game of Thrones".

Listed below are the popular theme song covers made by fans that have attracted many views so far.

Violin Cover

Jason Yang, renowned composer and violinist for Madonna, MDNA World Tour, covered the GOT song and received much appreciation from viewers. Here Jason Yang majestically plays the violin and makes a "perfect" cover of the theme music. His video already had 6.8 million views, proving how beautiful Yang's music cover was.


A "Purr" Cover

Fans have loved the show so much that someone involved their beloved feline to cover the song. The song has been taken to a "cute" level as cat "Arya" "meows" to the tune of the GOT opening music. Edited and arranged, the video already has 3.6 million views.

CREDIT:Herbert Costa/YouTube

Dog Cover As if dog owners will let cats take all the glory, one fan made a cover with his pug. The video is now closing to 400,000 views.

CREDIT:The Pet Collective/YouTube

Metal Covers There had been many rock-metal inspired covers of the GOT theme song. Shown below are two covers by two different lead guitarists that put a "metal" twist to the song. One has 1.8 million views and the other 800,000. Most rock music lovers appreciate these two covers.



CREDIT: Charlie Parra del Riego/YouTube

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