‘Game of Thrones’’ Daenerys Targaryen is ‘The Mother of Pizza’ in Funny Video [Watch]

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Daenerys Targaryen is now the Queen of Meereen after her successful siege of the city in the "Game of Thrones" Season 4 Episode 4. Being bolder and a fighter as she had become after her husband's death, Dany remains a character with a heart for those suffering injustice, punishing slave masters with crucifixion after they hanged dead slave children as the new queen's signpost on her way to the slaver city.

On the third season finale of the "Game of Thrones" series, Daenerys was hailed by the freed Yunkish slaves, calling her as their "mhysa" that means "mother" in their language. The video wherein Dany is walking with a throng of Yunkai people in the series caught the eye of a few "creative" in video editing, transforming the scene into a moment of celebration-not due to their newly acquired freedom, but because of Daenerys unmatchable generosity, giving the people a taste of free-flowing pepperoni pizza. Instead of "mhysa," the people are shouting "pizza" as Daenerys walk past them with her "royal assistants."

The video was published in YouTube by "The New Dirty Bastards," a brand new comedy group as they call themselves. Daenerys' "Pizza" video is receiving a massive audience viewing with the hilarious rip-off having nearly 900 thousand views as of this writing.

Daenerys Targaryen in Pizza Sharing Spree [WATCH VIDEO]

Fans who are following the "Game of Thrones" series can definitely relate to the video, based on the commenters thoughts. From her popular title "Mother of Dragons," Daenerys instantly became the "Mother of Pizza."

Daenerys Targaryen played by actress Emilia Clarke, is one of the many "Game of Thrones" character often spoofed by meme creators and video editors. In a previous report by the International Business Times, Daenerys' photo had been tweaked creatively, showing her holding a "How to Train Your Dragon" DVD on her chest while watching the movie intently.

Meanwhile, Daenerys' fashion in the series is not only followed by people participating in cosplays. According to a report by IBN Live, the rising popularity of the show is making waves in the country with plenty of British women adapting Daenerys Targaryen's signature platinum-blonde hair and thick eyebrows.

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