‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Update: Kit Harington aka Jon Snow all set for another epic production?

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Game of Thrones won't be back on U.S. television until end-March, so fans have been missing their favorite characters. Here's a piece of good news for Kit Harington's followers: He is set to star in a big budget film set in the Roman era. It is going to be another epic production for Harington.

Kit Harington aka Jon Snow, Soon: Atlas?

As Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, Harington carries the underdog hero vibe. Often sullen and melancholic, the character has very rarely shown a smile.

In the reported upcoming project called "Pompeii," Cinemablend said Harington will play  "a slave stuck on a ship who needs to save his true love, his master's daughter and his best friend, who's a gladiator stuck in the coliseum at the time Vesuvius begins spilling ash and lava on the ancient Roman city." (Whew, he might as well be Atlas.)

The role that Harington will play is considerably important. But fans can only hope for the best - for now. Production and Harington's people are still in talks over the prospective project.

Kit Harington: Busy Snow

Meanwhile, fans can also look forward to seeing Harington play a part in "The Seventh Son" from Legendary Pictures. It is from Joseph Delaney's fantasy novel, The Spook's Apprentice (a.k.a. The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch).

If a part in film feature is not enough, wait for the fun voice acting. Harington's voice will be featured in the film sequel to the 3D animation "How to Train Your Dragon."

Before you know it, the first quarter of 2012 is over, and Harington is Jon Snow all over again - in fresh Game of Thrones episodes.

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