'Game of Thrones' Best Fan-Favorite Characters [VIDEO]

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Known for his role as Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage became the show’s top-billed star after winning Primetime Emmy Award for Oustanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Reuters

From (Spoiler Alert) Tyrion's latest award-winning breakdown in the trials up to the Hound's rage for chicken, there are too many note-worthy scenes in "Game of Thrones" throughout the show's four seasons. Though many George R.R. Martin's "Songs" readers babble about the deviations from the book, "bookies" and non-readers pick their favorite GOT characters.

Before continuing to the best "GoT" characters, a recent poll conducted by the Huffington Post revealed that the most hated character is Cersei Lannister. The results may have been affected after King Joffrey's death, passing all the hate next to his mother. Even after the controversial rape scene between Jaime and Cersie, only 1 percent went the Kingslayer's way as the least likeable GoT character.

GoT characters each has their share of the best one-liners, most astonishing demises, best triumphant victories, and scenes worthy of chatter after every episode. There are websites that list their own best characters according to their roles and impact in the show. But one post from Internet Movie Database or IMDb, an online database for movies, television shows, and video games, conducted a poll for the fans to vote for the best GoT character. Here are the top five of the fans most voted characters.

Fifth from the list of the top 30 is Eddard "Ned" Stark (Sean Bean). He is touted by some fans as the walking spoiler for dying every time in his film or television appearances. Ned Stark makes it to the top five even after his early departure in the show. The fans loved him for his staunch sense of honor and duty until his very last breath.

Coming in after Ned is his very own "bastard" son, Jon Snow (Kit Harington). The Night's Watch rebel who knows nothing may fit what Ygritte has always told him. Readers of the book very well subscribe to the theory (possible spoiler) that the whole story of GoT will ultimately lead to Jon Snow's inherited Stark and Targaryen birthright. His best scene so far was impaling his Valyrian Sword Longclaw to the back of Karl's head, and successfully leading the Night's Watch brothers to defeat the Mutineers.

Third in the list, is Arya Stark (Masie Williams). This rebellious prick (as Sandor describes her) of a girl remained to be a fan favorite from the start up to the current running of the show. Fans have still more to watch from Arya as she continues to journey with the Hound, and hopefully fulfill her death list in the future episodes or seasons.

The fans' first runner up is Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). Heiress to one of the most prominent Houses in the ancient history of Westeros, Dany is an ever growing character who slowly rallies her way to the Iron Throne. Learning from mistakes, and familiarizing herself in governing her own people at the moment, fans can expect there are definitely more in store for the unburned mother of dragons.

Taking the number one spot is the only just man in House Lannister Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). The Imp who's had enough of everything from everyone could be in for a very exciting episode next week, as he challenged his father Tywin for combat. It might cause another huge uproar among the fans if Tyrion kicks the bucket in the following episodes. Tyrion started to capture the fans' favor during his first witty trial at the Eyrie. His bravery in battle of the Green Fork where he had to command the vanguard with the hill tribes of the Vale of Arryn, and his leadership at the Blackwater Bay won him more approval from the fans in the past seasons. And obviously, Tyrion may have gained more fans from his vey heart-wrenching scene in the previous episode.

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