‘Game of Thrones’ Bastards of Westeros: Know the Different Names [VIDEO]

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The mythical land of Westeros in the famous HBO series "Game of Thrones" is one the shows that is not afraid to show some skin and gore. Of the many things that the show has been infamous for are the names of the bastards. Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton are two of the famous children born out of wedlock from the cold North. There are seven kingdoms but it is divided into nine regions and each of these regions has their own specific name for a child born from outside marriage, according to Westreos.org.

In order to understand how these "baseborn" children are named, one must look into qualities of each region. There are some bastards who are already introduced in Seasons 1 to 4 but there are still more to come as the story progresses.

The nine regions with their bastard name are as follows:

  •  The North - Snow. In first season of the show, Jon Snow was introduced as the Bastard of the Lord Eddard Stark. Even though he was recognized by his father and has been living with him and his family, Jon never felt at home and decided to enter into the Brotherhood of the Night's Watch. Another famous bastard is the psychotic Ramsay Snow that eventually became Ramsay Bolton because the son of Lord Roose Bolton died.
  •  Dorne - Sand. Ellaria Sand is Prince Oberyn Martell's lover who enters during Season 4 for the "Purple Wedding."
  •  The Riverlands - Rivers. Walder Rivers is one of the older bastards of the show. He made an appearance during season 3 when Robb Stark was still alive and fighting for the Iron Throne. He is the son of Walder Frey.
  •  The Westerlands - Hill. These are bastards of the Lannisters. Not much was shone for them though they were mentioned in some parts of the book.
  •  The Crownlands - Waters. These are the bastards that are born in the surrounding areas of King's Landing. Aurane Waters is the famous baseborn known as the Bastard of Driftmark.
  •  The Reach - Flowers. Ser Robert Flowers became a member of the Kingsguard even with his origin and rose to the ranks of Lord Commander.
  •  The Stormlands - Storm. An acknowledged bastard of former King Baratheon. He is lucky enough to be recognized as the former king of the Iron Throne has many other sons and daughters out of wedlock.
  •  The Iron Islands - Pyke. A member of the Brotherhood of the Night's Watch is Cotter Pyke.
  •  The Vale - Stone. Alayne Stone was the alias that Sansa Stark took and was presented as the bastard daughter of Petyr Baelish.

These baseborn children all play a role in the deadly game of chess in this medieval-inspired series. "Game of Thrones" season 4 is still airing and still has episode 9 and 10 to air the next two Mondays. Jon Snow is one of the many characters that make the show a little more hopeful.

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