Game of Thrones: 5 Most Memorable Scenes in Season 4

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"Game of Thrones" Season 4 has ended and the 9-month wait for Season 5 has begun. No other TV series in recent years has produced this much excitement and speculation. Now, HBO has announced the 9 new cast members that will join "Game of Thrones" in Season 5, we can only expect more astonishing and unforgettable scenes to come. 

So before all the plotting and scheming returns in "Game of Thrones" Season 5, here's a look back on the 5 most memorable scenes from Season 4.

1. Joffrey's death in Episode 2 - "The Lion and the Rose"

    There's nothing more satisfying than a big game-changing death to start off the season-Joffrey choking and dying on pigeon pie in his own wedding feast. Fans of the book hailed this as the Purple Wedding because purple has always been associated with royalty, and so is the face of an asphyxiated sadist king.

    2. Tyrion's epic speech at his trial in Episode 6 - "The Laws of Gods and Men" 

      Tyrion was forced to stand on trial for Joffrey's death and then watched helplessly as witness after witness betray him, including his beloved She. Tyrion had all that he could take and burst out with a severe tongue-lashing for everyone.

      Tyrion's anguish of being " ... guilty of a far more monstrous crime," that is,  being a dwarf, and his spite as he condemns everyone at King's Landing makes this episode arguably the crowning moment of the season.

      3. Sansa plays the game in Episode 8 - "The Mountain and the Viper"

      Sansa manages to escape King's Landing during the ill-fated Purple Wedding and was whisked away to The Eyrie by Little Finger. In here, she gets entangled in more devilish schemes. In the end, Sansa seemed to have caught up with the game by lying about her aunt's death and then coming down the stone steps transformed from a gauche girl to power dressed vamp.

      4. The stand at The Wall in Episode 9 - "The Watcher on the Wall"

        Mance Rayder and his wildling forces' attempt to scale The Wall and conquer the Night's Watch brought many crowd-pleasing scenes for the season. Who could forget the woolly mammoth riding giants and their huge longbows? How about Jon's stilted smile as he stared at Ygritt moments before she was shot? Or the scene where Grenn and his companions holding the inner wall started reciting their sacred oath while Mag the Horrible assaulted the gate?

        It has been a "Game of Thrones" tradition to make episode 9 to be astonishingly spectacular. Ned Stark's beheading, the Battle of Blackwater and the Purple Wedding all have been in the penultimate installation of each series. 

        5. Tyrion confronts Tywin-in the toilet in Episode 10 - "The Children"

          Jaime Lanaster with Varys' help had managed to break Tyrion out of prison. But before Tyrion says farewell to King's Landing for good, he decides to have one final talk with his father Tywin Lanaster. He finds the powerful Tywin Lanaster with his pants down sitting on a throne-a porcelain one, that is.

          Tywin tried to patronize his way out of his predicament, but Tyrion would hear nothing of it and let his crossbow let the talking instead. Tywin Lanaster died taking a crap with an arrow shot through his gut by the son he disdains.

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