‘The Game’ on Bet Season 7 Premieres in March – Here is what The Fans are Saying

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The popular TV show "The Game" on Bet will be coming back in season 7 on March 4. Fans eagerly await the return of the show as the production for the season was completed recently and the cast had a celebration party marking the event.

The cast of "The Game" had a send off party after the production was completed and the moments of the party were shared with the fans on Instagram with hashtag #thegamewrapparty.

Brittany Daniel, one of the favourite characters of the show playing the role of Kelly Pitts is set to make a return along with the other characters from the previous season. Fans wanted the producers to bring back some of their other favourite characters in season 7.

Fans first saw Kelly Pitts as the lovable wife of Jason Pitts but she soon divorced him due to his controlling ways. After the divorce fans saw two sides to the character with her first starting off as a reality star diva and later taking a break from everything for the sake of her daughter. What new avatar will the star show in "The Game" Season 7?

Many of the fans are excited to find that Kelly is returning and some also want to see the return of Malanie and Derwin. Some of the fans see the return of Kelly as respect by the producers to the feedback from the fans, who wanted to see her return.

Some of the fans who have come to love Chardonnay are eager to see what the new dynamics will be between Jason, Kelly and Chardonnay. Fans do not want to see Chardonnay get hurt by Jason on account of Kelly. Will Kelly be a home wrecker in "The Game" Season 7?

Fans say that since Kelly currently does not have a male companion in the show her re-entry into the show could only cause trouble and may not result in a happy outcome in the story. Many fans feel that the original cast for the show was perfect and hope that the producers of "The Game" do not constantly change the cast members.

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