Galaxy Tab Pro vs. Retina iPad Mini 2: 4 Power Specs of the 8.4-Inch Samsung Tab that Could Beat the iOS 7 Compact Slate

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As earlier reported, Samsung will release a bevy of tablets beginning in January 2014 and one of them could be the Galaxy Tab Pro that is touted as the Retina iPad Mini challenger.

From Phone Arena, the Tab Pro will sport an 8.4-inch screen but its display resolution remains a big question mark. The tech site, however, noted too that an FCC filing document that points to the same device indicated that it has an 8.-inch viewer or an inch wider from the Mini 2 display screen.

The FCC filing also revealed that the tablet bears the model number SM-T320, further supporting the earlier assumptions that the device belongs to the family of slates that is known for now as the Galaxy Tab 3 series.

Another member would be the Galaxy Tab Lite though judging from the leaked specs so far, the Tab Pro appears to pack more muscles to put up a decent fight against the second-gen iPad Mini, which analysts said will dominate in Q1 2014 as supplies start to stabilise.

Below are the likely specs and features that could make the Galaxy Tab Pro an iPad Mini killer:

Slim and sexy form-factor

Starting from the first Galaxy Tabs, Samsung has evolved the tablet builds that became the signature of its iPad challengers. For the Galaxy Tab, it is expected that Samsung will bring to the table a compelling slate design that is sleek, sexy and light.

As suggested in the images shown here, the Tab Pro will pretty much sustain the design language that used in the 7-inch and 8-inch Galaxy Tab 3s - which for many reviewers are patterned after the hot-selling Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy Tab Pro will be sight to look at with its very compact build holding a tablet screen that is surrounded thin bezels on four edges. The size too should be comfy enough owners to enjoy prolonged use with less possible hand strain.

Quad-core processing chip

The Tab Pro is also rumoured to show a powerhouse quad-core chip, which should measure up with the second iPad Mini's 64-bit computing capability though the latter is only in the dual-core class. So while being an eye-candy, Samsung appears to deliver a compact tablet in the Galaxy Tab Pro that is also both a beauty and a beast.

Bigger screen

Perhaps to merit more than a second look, Samsung opted for a larger screen on the Galaxy Tab Pro. While nothing in written in stone so far, the two sizes being dangled so far make the device a possible winner. With 8.4-inch, the Tab Pro easily exceeds the iPad Mini screen and with 8.9-inch, the device can also lure tablet users who find the Mini display too limiting and the iPad Air screen a bit too big.

Camera edge

Looking at the FCC-provided sketches of the Galaxy Tab Pro, the rear cam hints of a flash below the lens, possibly boosting its capability of capturing decent images and clips in low-light condition.

While the Galaxy Tab Pro could be previewed via the 2014 CES that kicks off in Las Vegas on Jan 7, the actual release date is not expected to happen until after a few weeks, positioning the iPad Mini 2 rival for a likely February 2014 rollout.

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