Galaxy S5’s Heart Rate Monitor: Lets Know How it Works

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5’s Heart Rate Monitor Reuters

Samsung Galaxy S5 is very Famous for its built-in features. One of the feature includes 'Heart Rate Monitor' which is a unique feature in it. In simple words 'The Heart Rate Monitor'  is used to calculate the Heart Rate whenever you want. The phone associated with the sensor located in the rear of the device which helps in giving quick feedbacks on this cardiovascular health Issue.

Everyone who is aware of this, would be very keen to know their Heart Rate as it is a human tendency. Well today we read along with this how the Galaxy S5 works with its Heart Rate Monitor?.

Firstly here are some tips before we start:

  • Make your finger tip dry. Wipe off the sweat!
  • While you want to take the reading, Keep as still as possible
  • Stay quiet. Excess noise can affect the monitor's function
  • If getting a reading is difficult, you can try holding your breath (or at least try to keep your breathing slow and steady, however it takes only few seconds)

Now coming on our question let's see the steps:

1.    Open the 'S Health' app

2.    On the app's home screen, tap Heart Rate.

3.    Place the tip of your index finger over the Galaxy S5's heart rate sensor. The sensor will glow red.

4.    Wait few seconds for the reading to complete

You can now rate your heart. The sensor measures heart rate, which is a simple biometric parameter detailing how many times per minute your heart beats. Your resting heart rate might typically measure between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm). While it could increase as high as 200 bpm with some strenuous activities.

GS5 will provide a general idea of how hard your heart is working at any given moment, Galaxy S5's Heart Rate Monitor does not measure the complicated issues like blood pressure and cardiac outputs. Hence it is very necessary to consult a physician rather than your smartphone if you believe you may be suffering from a more serious condition.

Take a note that you will need to take a break from any physical activity to obtain a reading. This is compulsarily a must while doing this process. 

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