Galaxy S5 Updates Offer Better Fingerprint Scanner and Camera, S5 Prime to Feature Faster Download Speed

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5’s Heart Rate Monitor Reuters

Samsung has started rolling out a series of updates for its Samsung Galaxy S5 line. According to details of the updates, users should expect better fingerprint scanner, faster camera and download speeds. The updates have been rolling out to the international variant of the device. Other users across the globe should also receive the update soon. Release of the update depends on the user's region and carrier. It may take some time for other people to receive the updates. 

According to a report by SamMobile, the update rollout began in the United Kingdom. The changes should be across users worldwide in no time. There are two primary changes noted in the report about Samsung's latest release. First, people can expect to open the camera app faster. The gallery app is also easier to open without the previous lagging issue. Second, people can also see a better and more accurate fingerprint scanner. Previously, the scanner offered a quite accurate functionality despite one-hand usage. Nonetheless, the update promises better experience. 

Other notable changes include better RAM management and performance improvements. Users can access the update through Samsung KIES. Samsung has also reportedly been carrying out the over-the-air release. Some users may have to wait for the update to reflect on their phones. There is also a manual option download. SamMobile outlines the details of the firmware as follows:

  • Model: SM-G900F
  • Model name: GALAXY S5
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Version: Android 4.4.2
  • Changelist: 1539356
  • Product Code: BTU
  • PDA: G900FXXU1ANE2
  • CSC: G900FOXA1ANE2

CNET also reported that upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime variant should offer download speeds reaching 225MBps including faster connection compared to the standard LTE. ZDNet said the S5 Prime details came from people knowledgeable of Samsung's plans. However, the download boost will initially be available in Korea. Samsung has not provided details about the release of the feature to other parts of the globe.

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