Galaxy S5 To Sport A QHD 2K Display As Samsung Confirms Working On QHD AMOLED, 4K Displays

By @binibiningkd on

The much awaited next-generation Galaxy S device from Samsung, now called Galaxy S5, is reported to sport QHD 2K display.

This rumor was based from a confirmation made at the Semiconductor and Display Technology Roadmap Seminar. In the event, the Korean tech giant confirmed it was working on a QHD 2600 x 1440 AMOLED display screen for a smartphone.

This was not the confirmation we needed as it was fairly certain that Samsung Galaxy S5 will sport a QHD 2K display. But for those who were still sceptical about it, this served as another indicator that Galaxy S5 will come with one of the most pixel-dense screens upon launching.

Basically, QHD is 1400 x 2560 pixels and can have a jaw-dropping pixel density. The screen panel of the smartphone has around 5.2 to 5.3 inches in diagonal. The upcoming Galaxy S5 will have such size.

With the competition in the present smartphone market, it will be pretty surprising if Samsung will not use this high resolution AMOLED screen on Galaxy S5 to gain its advantage.

Samsung hinted it will be cooking even higher resolution mobile phone displays and planning will launch the UHD smartphones in the near future. The UHD is the unbelievable 2160 x 3480 pixels of 4K resolution not to mention that the pixel density with this kind of resolution jumps up to 860 ppi in 5-inch display.

The resolution mentioned is known as "diamond pixel," which was another way of saying it was a non-standard pixel matrix arrangement. It was closer to the PenTile than the RGB stripe matrix, which was the standard.

In both cases, at 500+ ppi, the individual pixels will not be noticeable so we can no longer wait as to what Samsung has in store in its future smartphones, especially when we've thought full HD panels are more than enough to impress the fans.

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