Galaxy S5 Release Date Update: 4 Samsung Must-Do’s to Ensure Success of Galaxy S4 Successor

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Image
Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Image Jermaine S via Concept Phones

What Samsung will serve with the Galaxy S5 release date, in terms of specs and features, are pretty much given - per the latest reports, the handset is a monster device in the making.

According to SamMobile, the Galaxy S5 is coming out in two versions and basing on the leaked AnTuTu benchmark results any of the two builds - Premium and Standard - is a delight to own.

The body design shouldn't be too remote from that of the Galaxy S4 - sleek, slim, light and sexy - that should prompt for hordes of followers to swoon over the device as soon as it gets unpacked.

More so in the components department as the GS5 is almost confirmed to run on the best processing chip available today. Persistent speculations indicate that the next hero phone from Samsung's assembly line is fired up by the best Snapdragon and Exynos CPUs.

That would mean eight or quad core chips and for some markets, the implement is in 64-bit computing standard.

This early, the Galaxy S5 is already touted to gallop much better and higher than its Galaxy S predecessors but to really carve out an easily noticeable mark, one that will last longer, Samsung will have to observe four important things and they are detailed below.

Follow the Galaxy S3 model

Before Galaxy S3, Samsung was in limbo trying to find a place in the smartphone market that is dominated by Apple's iPhone. The GS3, however, propelled the Galaxy maker to its present status as the top Android mobile phone maker - its reach spanning from the entry-level to the high-end models.

In the Galaxy S3, "Samsung find a voice, and gain its confidence - an audacity that's shone clearly in all the phone maker's subsequent gadgetry," CNET said in a report, adding that Samsung cannot go wrong in using the same GS3 approach for the Galaxy S5.

Deliver unique design language

Not that the Galaxy S smartphones are ugly, far from it, but for the Galaxy S5 it is time that Samsung forms its own identity that separate it from Android rivals and from Apple's iPhone especially. The initial batch of Galaxy handsets were dismissed as copycats but the GS3 somehow corrected this perception.

A good start for Samsung, according to CNET's Jessica Dolcourt is to seriously consider the use of other materials apart from plastic on the Galaxy S5, which should position the device in the same level currently enjoy by the likes of iPhone 5S, Xperia Z and HTC One. These premium gadgets boast of metal casing that securely wrapped their upscale components.

And it is a must that Samsung takes the cue in time for the Galaxy S5 launch.

Better Android and software rendition

It is no secret that Samsung makes effort to hide Android under its TouchWiz layer in every Galaxy smartphones that come out. To date, the Galaxy maker is not doing a great job in this respect. One improvement that needs closer attention is the manner TouchWiz is putting too much pressure on battery capacity, CNET said.

While all Galaxy S units have been quite impressive in showing off top-notch specs and features, their capabilities were greatly limited by the off synched software and battery, leaving too little energy juice for the devices to realise their true powers and the users to appreciate the same.

Also, as experts have been complaining for the longest time, Samsung needs to tone down the stuffing of gimmicky features to the Galaxy S5 and focus instead on things that matter - phone features that users will actually use and enjoy.

Have its own soul

Dolcourt wrote for CNET that certainly Samsung will impress with power specs and killer features once the Galaxy S5 is out. However, the Galaxy maker needs to realise that beyond the solid device characteristics, the GS5 needs to have a soul.

Beyond the muscle and supreme capabilities, the 2014 Samsung flagship must have its own unique character, which Dolcourt defines as something that will "inspire and delight." Afterwards, selling in volumes will come as a welcome bonus.

Samsung is scheduled to unpack the Galaxy S5 on Feb 24, coinciding in the same that the 2014 MWC will get underway in Barcelona, Spain, with the release date to follow in the coming immediate weeks.

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