Galaxy S5 Release Date Update: 2K Resolution is Awesome on 6-Inch+ GS5 – Report

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Image by Bob Freking
Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Image by Bob Freking Bob Freking via Yugatech

The Galaxy S5 on release date will be a class on its own if reports prove true that the Galaxy S4 replacement will hit the market sporting a 2K or 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution.

But for the GS5 display to really achieve unique awesomeness, its screen profile needs to be no less than 6-inch diagonally, CNET suggested on its report. Per numerous reports and leaks, the Galaxy S5 is touted to boast a 2K-laced display panel but the screen size is only 5.2-inch at the maximum.

A 5.2-inch GS5 with 2K resolution will be under-appreciated, said the same CNET report by Jessica Dolcourt, explaining that extremely high resolutions will hardly make a difference on the naked eye.

However, the pixel boost that comes with 2K will be more apparent should Samsung decide to stretch further the Galaxy S5 screen. Case in point is the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega, the screen of which is limited to 206ppi.

In the event Samsung would bump up the Mega screen resolution to 2K status, the supersize Galaxy phablet will easily see pixel density upgrade of up to 466ppi, Dolcourt wrote.

In theory, 2K on mobile phones with screens that start at 1080p will deliver much better display rendering, definitely overwhelming the iPhone 5S's Retina panel, which is limited by its 4-inch screen.

A screen that is pleasing to the eyes is only among the draws that are packed with the Galaxy S5 on its rumoured release date this late February.

The iPhone 6 rival is believed to headline killer features such an octa-core Exynos 6 chipset at 2.0GHz or a quad-core Snapdragon 805 CPU at 2.3GHz. Any of the powerhouse chips are destined to work with 3GB of RAM that for the most part confirms of a beastly GS5 package.

A combo of rear cam at 16MP and front cam at 3.2MP will be on board too and any photos and videos produced with the Galaxy S5 should be accommodated without issues by the device's internal memory of up to 64GB.

Running out of storage room shouldn't be a problem as the GS5 will have its familiar memory expansion slot where users can easily slide in up to 64GB of microSD card for virtually unlimited digital locker.

Also, operating hours in a single charge of the GS5 have been extended as the energy-efficient Exynos or Snapdragon chips are encoded to work in tandem with the massive 3200mAh battery.

Out of the box, Samsung is expected to power the Galaxy S5 with its own take of Android OS KitKat 4.4, layered on top by the company's TouchWiz skin, which according to reports is toned to reflect more of the Google mobile environment.

Another killer feature that will debut with the GS5 is the fingerprint sensor that is embedded with the handset's touchscreen, allowing users to unlock the device by pressing on any part of its sprawling screen.

The Galaxy S5 release date is on Feb 24, as confirmed by The New York Times and by Samsung via its press invites that highlight the Unpacked 5 event ahead of the 2014 MWC in Barcelona, Spain.

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