Galaxy S5 Release Date is Feb 23 2014: Expect Plastic-Wrapped GS5 with Tizen OS On-Board Not Android KitKat 4.4.2

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The chance is a high that the Galaxy S5 release date will happen on Feb 23 2014 but not all the rumoured specs and features attributed so far to the Galaxy S4 successor will be delivered as expected.

Samsung has set a press event on Feb 23 in Barcelona, Spain, according to BGR, which points to ITNews as its source. The gathering will be held a day before the 2014 Mobile World Congress on that part of the world kicks off.

The Samsung invites, BGR said, specifically pointed to the Tizen OS unveiling. It will be "an exclusive sneak preview of the newest Tizen devices as well as an opportunity to learn about the major milestones that the Tizen project has hit since last year's event," said the same report.

However, it cannot be discounted that as Tizen is uncloaked new Samsung gadgets will be presented too. After all, for the Tizen prowess to be properly showcased a device will have to flex its features. And the best candidate for a gadget debut on the same day is the Galaxy S5, which Sammy watchers said will come out on the period mentioned.

Note too that Tizen has been touted as Samsung's answer to Apple's iOS and will likely reflect the Asian tech giant's supposed plan of peeling away from Android and establish its own device ecosystem.

However, analysts are convinced that Galaxy devices will not immediately exit from Google's Android world. The likelihood is, it will be a gradual migration or Samsung smartphones and tablets will run on the two platforms. It will be a parallel implementation on Samsung's part.

Likely, a Tizen-run Galaxy S5 that will be launched in late February will be just one of the GS5 variants that Samsung will release on 2014.

And as whispers of various GS5 builds gain traction, fresh reports from Asia indicate that the Galaxy S5 will be covered in plastic after all.

According to Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, it is unlikely of Samsung "to adopt metal-alloy chassis for Galaxy S5," at the moment.

The report was based on observation that "no makers have started mass production of metal-alloy chassis for Samsung." DigiTimes added that if Samsung intends to produce metallic GS5s and release them by early 2014 then the company's Taiwanese chassis-making partners would have commenced their production activities by this time.

Metal chassis for Galaxy devices could be out of the question in the immediate future as Samsung's present design model, despite using plastic materials that experts routinely dismiss as cheap both in looks and feel, proved a monster hit so far, selling units in hundreds of millions each year.

The Galaxy maker is likely putting off a metallic Galaxy S5 as using metal-allow for the device's frame will surely lead to higher production costs. As a result, Samsung could be forced to increase the tag price of its 2014 hero phone.

Apart from metal-alloy, Samsung is looking to release handsets that are wrapped in "compound materials such as fiberglass/plastic or carbon fibre/plastic," which DigiTimes said are more cost-efficient.

Nonetheless, a metallic Galaxy S5 could still come out in a later 2014 release date plan by Samsung as the company, DigiTimes said, "is currently still evaluating the adoption of metal chassis."

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