Galaxy S5 Release Date is Feb via 2014 MWC: Top 4 Specs & Features Likely Set for Massive Upgrade

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Image
Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Image Jermaine S via Concept Phones

Rumours surrounding the Galaxy S5 release date now point to a February touchdown for the next Samsung hero phone, likely coinciding with the 2014 Mobile World Congress that the city of Barcelona in Spain will host.

The wild chatter varies. There are talks saying that Samsung plans to use this year's MWC gathering as a platform to launch the device that will replace the Galaxy S4. However, some analysts would love to believe that the Asian tech giant will favour holding its own Unpacked even for the GS5.

In both cases though, the 2014 MWC will play a big role in the Galaxy S5 debut time as the event will highlight the gadget's arrival whether the release is synched or not with the electronics device showcase in Europe.

In anticipation of the Galaxy S5 landing, regardless if it happens this January (as previous whispers insist) or next month, Sammy fans are looking forward for key changes - improvements actually of the more popular GS4 specs and features seen last year - that they will get hold of on D-Day.

Four of them are briefly discussed below:

The new Galaxy S5 look and build

Samsung is always hard at work to deliver new flavours in every Galaxy S edition and the Galaxy S5 is no different. One of the most exciting details that came out so far about the GS5 is the likely new look and build of the device.

Numerous leaks and blog reports suggest the GS5 will sport a 5.2-inch screen, a bit bigger than the GS4, and the mobile phone will be housed in a metal casing, which is a departure from the previous models that are made framed mostly in plastic.

There are reports too that implied of two GS5 variants - one in plastic and the other in metal. But really nothing is certain for now. At the end of the day, Samsung has the last say on how cool and sexy the Galaxy S5 would be once it is time for its release.

For sure, the whole package would represent a huge jump from the Galaxy S4.

Faster and mightier mobile processing chip

That the Galaxy S5 will get the muscle and speed it needs to tussle effectively with its Android and iPhone rivals is all but confirmed. This is due to the introduction of 64-bit Exynos 6 CPU that Samsung is set to unveil next week in the 2014 CES.

No, the GS5 will not hit the Vegas show in the next few days. Instead a glimpse of its computing capabilities will be showcased by Samsung for tech enthusiasts to marvel at. Then the real thing gets unfold in the few weeks ahead and yes, in time for the MWC gala this year.

Insanely-great camera features

When Samsung announced a consolidation of its mobile divisions in December 2013, the move sparked rumours that the company is prepping for something big. Subsequent reports point to the development of a 20MP+ rear cam shooter for future Galaxy devices.

Sammy watchers were told that the killer cam specs will likely end up being displayed via the Galaxy Note 4 that is set to debut in the second half of 2014. But who knows, Samsung may pull a surprise and give the Galaxy S5 monster camera specs instead of the already impressive 16MP shooter that was earlier attributed to the device.

Robust GS5 security

The year 2014 marked the entry of stronger security measures for Samsung's high-end devices with the intro of Samsung KNOX. The security tool offers a parallel environment that allows users unique and secure access for their work-related tasks.

However, before Christmas time of 2013, reports surfaced that KNOX is not entirely secured as Samsung would want the world to believe. In response, the Galaxy maker dismissed the alleged KNOX vulnerabilities exposed by an Israeli security expert, Business Insider said in a report.

In addition, Samsung declared that "enterprises that use Knox Galaxy phones would have extra software that would prevent such a hack," the same report said. The statement strongly hints of an impending KNOX update that likely will be deployed simultaneously with the Galaxy S5.

As for the Galaxy S5 release date, reports say that while the device will be previewed in February, the actual global availability will not come until March or April 2014.

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