Galaxy S5 Includes Bezel-Free Screen, Embedded Fingerprint Scanner, Other Killer Specs & Features to Expect on Release Date

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It is just a few weeks before the Mobile World Congress 2014 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is truly on its way. Fans out there are quite excited about what the next flagship has to offer.

On the other hand, Apple's iPhone 6 is expected to come with significant improvements over the current model. Rumours abound in spite of the fact that its launch date is not as close as the Galaxy S5. Nonetheless, the two devices are rumoured to sport a number of same features on release date.

Galaxy S5, iPhone 6: Bezel-Free Screen With Embedded Fingerprint Scanner

According to the Korean media, both Apple and Samsung's next flagship smartphones will feature bezel free screens.

For the Galaxy S5, the home button will be gone for good according to sources. At the bottom of the smartphone will reside an embedded fingerprint scanner, which is allegedly placed in the lower right and lower left corners of the screen. Contrary to previous rumours, the scanner will only be in the corners and not on its entire surface.

The fingerprint scanners covering the entire surface of the screen will be implemented in the second half of the year because Samsung is not ready for mass production of this technology just yet.

Recent rumours suggest that the Galaxy S5 will be much thinner version of its predecessor because of the different type of display that will be used. Basically, this new display will not use an ITO layer hence the cut in the size. It is also speculated that this new screen will be sensitive even when wearing gloves. "With the help of increased sensitivity on the panel, users will be able to swipe and tap on the screen with their gloves on," the source said.

The same is true to the Apple iPhone 6, at least according to the source who claims that it will feature a bezel-free screen that will support fingerprint scanning.

Nevertheless, it is a bit early to draw definitive conclusions about the next iPhone. We expect more rumours and leaks to pop-up in the following months. 

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