Galaxy S5 Help: Questions New Galaxy S5 Users May Ask

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Galaxy S5
The new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (L), Gear 2 smartwatch (C) and Gear Fit fitness band are displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 23, 2014. REUTERS/Albert Gea

Now that you have the new Galaxy S5 and are excited to explore the phone's functionality and features, Android Central has provided frequently asked questions from new Galaxy S5 users.

1.  Changing Lock Screen

The lock screen is most likely the display you will often see. You can customize it. Go to Main Settings -> Sound and Display -> Lock Screen Settings. You will be prompted with three options for lock screen: screen security where you require a password or a PIN to unlock your GS5, fingerprint scanner or no security at all. The last option is by all means not recommended. When you travel, the Dual Clock option can display a second clock. For instance, you are based on EST. When you go to Las Vegas, your GS5 will show the time in both places. Also you can adjust the size of the clock. Fundamental checkboxes are found for shortcuts to the camera and date. If the lock screen security is enabled, opening the camera allows the camera app access. Anywhere else will need a password.

2.   Maximizing Battery Life

The GS5 battery is great with its long life. Fortunately, there are still additional tips to extend battery life further. This includes lowering the brightness of your display, using Wi-Fi as much as possible, not setting your display for long periods of time, using GPS for spare, apply battery-saving modes and reset your phone occasionally.

3.   Taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots with Galaxy S5 differs from the other Android devices as it has a physical Home button. Taking screenshots can be done in three options: pressing the power and home button, swiping your hand and using the DDMS tool. For option 1, press together the Power and Home buttons, then let go after hearing the shutter sound.

For option 2, swipe your hand that positions vertically with the pinky finger facing down over the GS5 display. Swiping can be from left to right or vice versa. Third is using the Dalvik Debug Monitor Service (DDMS) tool together with Android Software Development Kit (SDK). DDMS and SDK are for the more techy ones though, as it is quite tricky, but still simple, if you are willing to put much effort. With options 1 and 2 coming in easy, option 3 can be unnecessary. It is most useful in taking screenshots with Galaxy Gear though.

4.   Turning Off Touch Sounds

If you want to turn off the touch sounds of your GS5 handset or the sound when the screen is tapped or the keyboard is typed, pull down from up the screen, tap Sound Quick Setting, select mute or vibrate; and to be more discreet, go to Sound Settings -> Touch Sounds -> Uncheck. Furthermore, it is recommended to uncheck the "Sound When Tapped" section if you are using the Samsung keyboard.

5.   Working With Phone Settings

New users usually want to know about changing call settings, which have several ways to do, two of which is via the phone application and the main settings menu. For the Phone application, locate the three-dot overflow button and look for Call Settings. In the Main Settings menu, find the Call settings options such as answering, rejecting and ending calls. It also includes the pop up you see while on calls, accessories, call alerts and more. Tweak your phone calls in this part.

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