Galaxy S5: Eye-Scan Security, Leaked Screenshots Show New TouchWiz


The Samsung Galaxy S5 exists only in rumours right now but it doesn't mean that fans don't have a good idea on what to expect from Samsung's next big flagship. The Galaxy S5 launch date rumours constantly point to a debut at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. The show will be at the end of February.

Some other credible sources like insider Eldur Murtazin suggests that the Galaxy S5 will launch in March like the Galaxy S4, in Europe instead of the United States. The Galaxy S5 release date points to April or May of 2014. According to Business Week, Samsung also considers using iris or eye scanning technology as it readies its new high-end handset to compete with the latest iPhones. It could be the Galaxy S5.

Samsung changes its designs every year and every Galaxy S5 rumour points to a metal frame. Galaxy S5 display size rumours claim that it would be around 5.2 inches with QHD screen resolution 1440 x 2560 with 560 ppi) or 1080p or both. Speculations also say that the Galaxy S5 processor will have a 64-bit processor of Qualcomm or Exynos 6 variety, while its camera may be a 16 megapixel one. Whatever the processor is, we don't expect anything lower than a SnapDragon 800 quad core chip. It will run Android 4.4 KitKat and may even be named as the Galaxy F.

Everybody knows that Samsung's user experience can still use a little face lift. Some even believe that Samsung needs to scratch everything and start anew. While the South Korean company may never go that route, it seems like Samsung feels a need for a bit of change. @evleaks claims that Samsung is looking at new user interface changes.

The change is not drastic as the interface still feels like a Samsung smartphone but it seems the company wants to make it flatter. There are new gradient colours too, with a great deal of new icons having more than one colour. It seems Samsung will bring a BlinkFeed-like home screen that offers a lot of stories, information and more.

The unlock screen mechanism has an improved fitness track widget, but other than these, there's not much of a difference from current Samsung phones. The company has grown so familiar, making it hard for them to make a big departure from its norm. Half of Samsung's success lies on the TouchWiz and they would probably want to keep it going.

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