On Galaxy S5 Baby Monitor: ‘Do Not Leave Your Baby Alone and Unattended’ - Samsung Warns

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Samsung has reminded parents not to leave their babies unattended when using Galaxy S5 Baby Monitor or Detector for Crying Baby.

This goes with the unique feature that has been discovered along with the already known others of the upcoming GS5 which market release date is on April 11. This is one of the good things about rolling out a flagship smartphone as it would possibly come with several features that can blow the minds of majority away.

Galaxy 5, the current flagship generation of the South Korean phonemaker, is no exemption.

GS5 comes with new features like a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate sensor. It is discovered to have a unique feature, a baby monitor that alerts the parents when a baby starts to cry. The detector for a crying baby can release a vibrating alarm paired to a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch each time a baby starts to cry.

Samsung allegedly claimed this particular detector will be most effective when placed a meter far from the baby and without any noise in the background.

Samsung is taking precautions to remind parents that the feature should not replace human caregiving and the baby should not be left alone and unattended. It is only to assist parents in comforting their infants fast so they do not need to buy a dedicated baby monitor.

It said:

"Do not leave your baby in a home or place unattended while using this function. The baby should not be left in a house or building alone, even if you are monitoring your baby."

The app function is meant to be used as a parenting aid only. It is not a medical device and should not be used in lieu of human care. It is intended under safe operating conditions and must be used more responsibly and in accordance with the instructions in the handset's manual.

Samsung disclaimed customers using this function are at their own risk and the phone manufacturer will not  be held liable for any damage, loss, injury and other consequential loss.

This feature, which might be missed by many, is hidden in the Accessibility menu, a function that can be used as an effective parenting aid tool so parents can be with their baby when they are needed the most.

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