Galaxy S5 Australia Pre-Order Begins March 27: Where to Buy and Best Deals Available

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 REUTERS/Albert Gea

The Galaxy S5 release date in Australia is set on April 11 but those planning to buy can actually pre-order from the big three - Telstra, Vodafone and Optus - beginning on March 27 with a bevy of plan packages to suit everyone's needs.

But like in the most parts of the world, the device will only become available in the second week of April, according to Unlocked, Aussies can take home the GS5 if they are willing to fork out $929 outright then they can cherry pick from which telcos they'd want to tap for cellular services.

Ausdroid also indicated on its report that Virgin Mobile will offer the GS5 at around the same time the smartphone will become commercially available around the world but the network provider has yet to issue its specific package offerings.

Looking at the package snapshots from the big three, it appears that Vodafone's 60 Plan that runs for 24 months is the best value for consumers. Total cost is $1776, in which subscribers will need to shell out $74 monthly over the next two years. Note that $14 cover for the handset cost.

The cheapest GS5 in terms of handset cost, however, will come from the giant, Telstra, which dangles the Galaxy S5 replacement for only $12 per month - that is if customers will pick out the 24-month $70 Consumer.

Under the plan, Telstra subscribers will own the GS5 by simply paying basic pay of $82 per month or a total damage of $1968 for the duration of the contract. The company is highlighting service value of up to $700 that includes voice and high-speed data access that is capped at 1.5GB every month.

Optus is in the middle ground with its My Plan 60 that chalks up end-expenditures of $1824 for mobile subscribers within the 2-year program. The monthly payment is $76, $16 of which will pay for the brand new Galaxy S5, which by far is the priciest sticker price among the three players.

But the best bang for the buck, according to Ausdroid, is from Vodafone. The telco's Red 65 will only amount to $1896 over the next 24 months, which is slightly cheaper from Telstra's $70 Consumer.

The Vodafone package is stuffed with unlimited calls throughout the life of the agreement plus up to 3GB of data allowance or double the bandwidth size that Telstra and Optus are willing to offer.

In the end, however the most suitable service package will be determined by the end-user.

Like for instance, Aussies can simply sap up the Galaxy S5 on release date and pay the SIM-free price of $929 one-off, then budget the network service cost on their own through pre-pay services and enjoy the exciting new features of the GS5 minus the worries of having to deal with regular payment obligations each month.

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