Galaxy S3 Mini with NFC to Rollout Soon: Would You Get One and Pay More?

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Samsung has once again spiced up its Galaxy S3 Mini serving, this time including near-field capability (NFC) to the small Galaxy S3 sibling, the tech giant said in a press release issued this week.

Fresh from its earlier announcement that the S3 Mini will soon be offered in six attractive colour variants, Samsung decided that adding NFC chip, chiefly used for contact-less payment transactions, to the handset will generate more interest among European fans of Galaxy smartphones.

Specifically, the NFC-capable S3 Mini will be released for UK markets but this particular flavour is limited in two colours, in blue and white, Samsung said.

Distribution is widespread, according to the company press release: "The Galaxy S III Mini will be available in the UK across all major networks, key high street and out of town electrical retailers and online retailers from the end of January."

Why would you want the S3 Mini with NFC? Owners of the phone will enjoy faster file sharing experience, thanks to the wireless technology which is apparent in the Samsung device via S-Beam.

"S-Beam feature allows a 10MB music file to be shared in just two seconds by simply tapping on another S Beam-enabled device ... even without a Wi-Fi or cellular signal," Samsung said.

"Owners of the new Galaxy S III Mini will be able to share content, such as photos, videos and music, much faster and more easily ... (because) S-Beam is capable of sending larger files between phones," the company added.

The added S4 Mini feature is not exactly free, according to Engadget. While Samsung did not provide actual pricing for the NFC-capable S3 Mini, it is estimated that the technology will cost consumers around $US67, the tech site said.

Experts doubt if consumers would be willing to fork out more cash in exchange for a slight bump up on file-sharing tasks since opting out from the NFC-flavoured Galaxy S3 Mini means considerable saving.

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