Galaxy Note Edge: Samsung’s First Smartphone Having Bent Display

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4
IN PHOTO: A visitor holds a new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone at the Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event ahead of the IFA Electronics show in Berlin, September 3, 2014. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

Samsung was able to show off the Youm in January last year that is a prototype of a smartphone having a curved display and now, Samsung announces its first smartphone to have a bent display, the Galaxy Note Edge, according to Engadget. Galaxy Edge is announced at an event in Berlin. It is reportedly to launch this fall.

Galaxy Note Edge seems to be almost like Note 4 from its hardware to its software, according to Engadget. The difference that can easily be noticed is its 5.6-inch Quad HD+ bent display. It is reportedly to be 3.8mm wider and 2.2mm shorter than the Note 4. Note Edge is reported to have a smaller battery at 3,000mAh. Like the Note 4, it also has a metallic design, same soft-touch back as well. Galaxy Edge is expected to have the same 16MP rear camera, same heart rate monitor, same processor, memory, software and same Multi Window feature as well, according to The Verge.

Aside from the edge display, Samsung added functionality on it. The device will best suit a right-handed user since the phone is bent on the right side but for left handers, this might become an issue. Although, Samsung believes that it will not be a problem since the phone can be easily flipped and left-handed, users can just use it upside down. But it might still be inconvenient for left-handed users especially when it needs to push on the home button or make phone calls. The curved right section of the display is reported to operate independently from the main phone. The curved part of the phone will allow users an area to launch apps, view info while its cover is closed, according to The Verge. The report also suggests that the curved area can provide notifications while the user is watching a video.

Engadget suggests that if users have difficulty in using large handsets, then the Note Edge may not be a good choice. Engadget claims that it is much wider and the right side of the phone that meets the back part of it is quite hard to grip. Engadget notes that the Galaxy Edge is a very sleek-looking device that makes it an eye candy but Samsung might make it available at a premium cost.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint confirmed that it will carry the Galaxy Note Edge once it is made available to the public.

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