Galaxy Note 4 SM-910C vs. Galaxy Note 4 SM-910S: Exynos Super Phablet Outclasses Snapdragon Twin

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

There will be two Galaxy Note 4s on release date this 2014 and according to a leaked AnTuTu Benchmark report, one of the devices will be so powerful that it easily overwhelms the other thus giving clues to hardcore Android fans what they're getting out of the box.

Per the report by G4Games, the AnTuTu result revealed the upcoming rollout of two Note 4 variants, which are differentiated by the model numbers SM-910C and SM-910S.

Majority of specs for the devices are identical - headlined by a Super AMOLED display with 2560 x 1440 screen pixels, a camera combo of 16MP on rear and 3.68MP on front, 3GB of RAM and basic internal memory of 32GB with the likely option of a memory card expansion slot.

The same report claimed too that Android 4.4.3 will be on board once the Note 4 becomes available, contradicting the expectations that the fourth flagship phablet iteration will be among the first Android handsets to show off the sweetness packed with Android 4.5.

In short, Samsung is letting out two Note 4s that are beastly and should showcase similar looks and capabilities. Yet underneath the phablet frame is where really the big difference lies as the Note 4 SM-910C will draw its power from an eight-core Exynos 5433 that is paired with an ARM Mali-T760 GPU.

The other Note 4 SM-910S has a quad-core Qualcomm engine, specifically the Snapdragon 805 that Samsung will also use on the recently uncloaked Galaxy S5 LTE-A, otherwise known as the Galaxy S5 Prime.

Essentially, Exynos 5433 and Snapdragon 805 are in equal four-core field since the former runs on Big.LITTLE architecture - meaning only four cores of the processing chip will function at a time that highlights power efficiency in a mobile.

Looking at the leaked AnTuTu scores suggest that under crunch time, the Exynos-powered Note 4 will outpace its Snapdragon sibling, SamMobile said in a report, though experts would say that in the real-world setting and normal usage mode, the SM-910C edge will be hardly noticeable.

It is also expected that the Note 4 on Snapdragon will be the more dominant edition as it is geared for distribution in more markets across the globe. The Exynos-flavoured Note 4, on the other hand, could be the device hinted at by Samsung that is aimed at niche markets.

It should be noted as well that this same Note 4 on Exynos is likely to sport the curved OLED display panel that Sammy fans have been pining about.

As in the past years, the likely Galaxy Note 4 release date will happen at the same time with the Berlin IFA gadget showcase, setting the stage for a grand Samsung phablet Unpacked2 event in the first week of September 2014.

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