Galaxy Note 4 Sept 2014 Release Date Confirmed with 64-Bit Chip, Flexible Display, UHD Screen Pixels & LTE-Advanced?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

For the Galaxy Note 4 release date, it appears that Samsung is observing the same release cycle from last year by opting to unveil the phablet flagship via the 2014 IFA gadget show in Berlin, Germany and making it available in the immediate weeks to follow.

This according to The Korea Times report on Wednesday, which quoted an unnamed Samsung official as saying: "Samsung is considering holding a launch event of the Note 4 at the IFA trade fair."

In the past, the German city and the IFA gathering hosted the previous Galaxy Note arrivals and the latest statement seems to suggest that the Galaxy phablet maker is keeping with the established tradition for its second hero smartphone.

The same executive also clarified that nothing is written in stone as far as the Galaxy Note 2014 capabilities are concerned, adding that Samsung "is in the middle of finalizing specification details for the upcoming phablet."

Yet while the Note 4 specs and features remain the subject of ongoing debate for Samsung engineers, The Korea Times was given clues by the same Samsung insider on the possible make and abilities of the device.

Four of which are provided below:

64-bit chip architecture

Samsung is definitely countering the 64-bit killer punch that Apple had unleashed with the iPhone 5S last year, thanks to the slew of similarly capable Snapdragon CPUs that Qualcomm had recently unveiled. However, 64-bit chip coming to the Note 4 will greatly hinge on the dictates of the market.

"Samsung needs time to apply (64-bit mobile computing) to the Note 4. For a litmus-test, some variants will have that Qualcomm tech with Samsung's own application processor," the company told the South Korean publication.

Bendable display

Even before the Galaxy S4 touchdown in 2013, talks of flexible display on high-end Samsung smartphone have circulating but the screen feature remains nowhere to be found even as the Galaxy S5 will soon hit the market.

Chances are curved display, touted for its extra durability, will finally appear in time for the Galaxy Note 4 later this year as Samsung told The Korea Times that bendable screen "is one possible option," for the device.

Ultra High Definition (UHD) screen resolution

Many of the Note 4 specs and features are yet to be finalised but Samsung seems confident that in the area of display panel quality, the upcoming phablet will certainly deliver the best technology. The Note 4 will come in variants that offer an array of screen prowess from Full HD, Quad HD and Ultra HD, Samsung said.

UHD screen is defined by Gotta Be Mobile as boasting of an eye-popping render of 3840 x 2160 pixels for the Galaxy Note 4.

Superfast LTE-Advanced connectivity

Apart from the IP67 certification that makes the Galaxy S5 water and dust resistant, another Galaxy flagship standard that Samsung has introduced this year is LTE-Advanced cellular chip, which for the upscale Galaxy devices date back to a Galaxy S4 edition.

Samsung has confirmed that the Note 4 is LTE-A compatible in most markets where the high-speed wireless network infra is available. But earlier LTE technology and 3G chips will also be packed in specific Note 4 versions, which The Korea Times said is a move to serve Galaxy Note fans in emerging markets.

As mentioned, the Galaxy Note 4 release date is pegged in the latter part of 2014, the device's actual availability likely to take place between September and October of the same year.

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