Galaxy Note 4 on Release Date Will Come with S-Pen Stylus Slot on Top-Edge Corner

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

The Galaxy Note 4 on release date, according to Samsung, will sport a new form-factor, which partly could be in the new way that the S Pen stylus will slide in and out of the fourth-gen phablet flagship.

That the Note 4 has been redesigned to differentiate it from the previous Note models and the Galaxy S5 was hinted in a new Samsung patent document that according to Patently Mobile was approved this week by U.S. patent authorities.

The accompanying sketch (viewable here) showed a Samsung device back panel, assumingly a future Note smartphone design, which has a slot on the uppermost right corner where a stylus will easily slide in and rest when not in use.

The redesign apparently is to accommodate Samsung's enhanced digitiser that appears to have gained significant width from the earlier versions. The electronic writing and tapping tool seems to reveal a pen-like clip that remains visible when the S Pen sits on the holster.

In the same patent, there was no mention of any S Pen feature upgrades to come, which suggests that the revision is mostly for cosmetic purposes, added the Patently Mobile report.

Though a minor change, the redesigned S Pen is aligned with an earlier hint from a Samsung executive that the next Galaxy Note hybrid smartphone will launch in new form-factor. The company, however, withheld the details of its planned build updates for the Galaxy Note 3 sequel.

Sammy fans are speculating that the new Note 4 build could be because of the curved display panel that Samsung will be part of the device's release. But the South Korean tech giant also noted that a Note 4 with curved screen is initially a niche product - for distribution only to select markets.

It is rumoured too that the Note 3 replacement will go metal, ditching the familiar plastic casing for all Galaxy handsets - high-end, mid-range and entry-level devices - favour of an aluminium alloy framing for the Note 4.

This remains possible even as the Galaxy S5 Prime unveiled this week turned out still housed in plastic material. The GS5 Prime was widely whispered to become the first Galaxy hero phone in premium metallic finish.

But the metal-wrapping may have to wait for the Galaxy Note 4 release date, which last week was confirmed with Quad HD panel in 2K or 2560 x 1440 screen resolution, reportedly pegged to coincide with the Berlin IFA trade show in early September 2014.

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