Galaxy Note 3 Specs Leaked, to Share Release Date with iPhone 5S: Will this phablet dominate 2013 smartphones?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs have been leaked to the internet over the weekend. Some unconfirmed reports on its debut and release date have also been posted to various social media channels. There is also an indication that the device's release could share the window for the Apple iPhone 5S release date. Can the new Android phablet eclipse all the other 2013 smartphones with its features?

The Galaxy Note 3 will reportedly make an international debut appearance at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin in September. At around the same time, the iPhone 5S could also be unveiled. The iPhone 5S may be a Galaxy S4 rival in theory. But gadget shoppers looking for a new smartphone experience would do well to read Note 3 vs iPhone 5S comparison post-launch reports.

Apple iPhone and Samsung Android users eager to upgrade their device. For now, here is a sneak peek to the Galaxy Note 3 specs leaked to Sam Mobile.

"According to our trusted insider, the Galaxy Note III will be Samsung's most wanted device, it will sell like hot cakes," reads a Sam Mobile report. The site adds, however, to take this information with caution.

The Galaxy Note 3 is reportedly packed with 3GB of RAM, the highest level for a smartphone today. The same report said the phablet will sport a huge 5.99" SAMOLED Full HD Display screen. Its operations will reportedly be powered by Exynos 5 Octa Core (8 core) and Mali 450 GPU with 8 cores.

If this unconfirmed report proves true, it could be very hard for the Apple iPhone 5S to compete. The Note 3 with a 3GB RAM could instantly inspire awe among some gadget shoppers. Could the Note 3 eclipse all other 2013 smartphones by virtue of its memory alone?

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