Galaxy Gear And WiFi Calling-Enabling OTA Update Rolls Out To Sprint Galaxy S4 Mini And Galaxy Mega

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In the upcoming weeks, Sprint users with Samsung Galaxy Mega or a Galaxy S4 Mini will soon get an update that will change their phones into IP phones, if they have connection to a WiFi network.

Sprint has recently posted on its support page that WiFi calling will be available soon for two Samsung smartphones. It will be compatible with other devices all throughout 2014. Users who will download WiFi calling can send and receive calls and text messages over their home and business networks and hotspots. This is better than any other messaging services as users don't need to make an account to use this. Basically, their phone number is the only thing they need.

The good news is that the service is free-of-charge. For those who are already Sprint users, WiFi calls or messages won't be added on their monthly bills. Sprint is currently working on improving to make the feature more user-friendly. Users can have a good coverage. It is also a first-rate service for international users because they can make calls to the U.S. without having costly roaming bills, according to a CNN Money report.

WiFi calling is not only in the U.S. but also to other international numbers. You will be accounted same international rates. The only flaw is that there seems no smooth change between WiFi and other cellular networks, the report added.

The so-called Voice-over-WiFi is not new in the mobile tech anymore, especially if you have an Android smartphone in T-Mobile's network. The company of T-Mobile has been providing WiFi calling since 2006. It offered for the first time the WiFi calling using home router then transferred it to Android smartphones. Now, it appears that Sprint is ready to make the same move. 

Meanwhile, Sprint new VoLTe release date is expected to be very soon, but there are no official announcements regarding it yet.

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