Galaxy Device Codenamed KQ with Exynos, Intel LTE and QHD Screen Confirmed

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It has been a while since the Samsung Galaxy S5 hit the shelves, and since then a number of rumours were released giving us a picture of what the Korean tech giant has in store for its fans.

Several months ago it has been rumoured that there will be two variants of the Samsung Galaxy S5 - the current standard model and the rumoured premium variant.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime

Contrary to the statement of Samsung's vice chairman, the Korean tech giant had a premium variant in the pipeline for quite some time. Although the standard Galaxy S5 in called project K internally, the prime version is called the KQ.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who predicted the Samsung Galaxy S5 specs in January with almost perfect accuracy, KQ is in the middle to late phase of development and it sports an Exynos 5430, QHD Screen and Intel LTE.

The Exynos 5430 is an upgrade to its predecessor while the GPU remains the same and the Intel makes its LTE debut. This will be Intel's first incursion into a premium device with LTE, which will break Qualcomm's monopoly in the western market.

Thus far, there has been no mention of an U.S. model but recent leaks claim that a G906S with Snapdragon 805 will be a possible KQ counterpart to be used in other markets.

Between all these prototype devices, there is also a new high-end device, which is codenamed "a3w5" with QHD screen in WiFi, 3G and LTE variants.

At this point, it can be concluded that Samsung is working hard in a follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy S5. With the next LG flagship coming soon to trump the Galaxy S5 in terms of specs and features, Samsung is already prepping to counter-offer and compete in the high-end segment.

The release date of the KQ, S or other derivatives are still unknown at this point but it is certain that these devices are all in advance stages of development already and it is possible to see them hit the market within the quarter.

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