Gabrielle Union Hopes to Motivate and Inspire People With Her ‘Rape’ Experience

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Gabrielle Union
At 41 years old, it's pretty safe to say that Gabrielle Union is not only aging gracefully on-screen -- she straight-up looks like she's in her twenties. REUTERS

Gabrielle Union has always been very vocal about her sexual assault experience in an effort to help other women who faced the same predicament. The 41-year-old has shared vulnerably her experience in the past when she was raped in the hopes of brightening someone else who had gone through the trauma of rape.

Speaking with Yahoo's Bobbi Brown, the Neutrogena ambassador revealed that one of the "smartest thing that she has ever done in her life" was that she was brave to talk about the hard times she experienced to provide personal inspiration.

"I decided to really use my voice to talk about things other than if Freddie Prinze Jr. is cute or what kind of kisser Will Smith is," said Union.

According to Union, she tells her story to inspire others and let them know that no matter how difficult their situations may be, they are not alone. Union is a proof that life gets better. "Hopefully, I am one of those women that can help uplift other people who have gone through some crazy s**t."

Union recalled her sexual assault experience and shared the story to Crystal Martin as posted on Oprah's Web site. At 19, Union had a summer job at a shoe store when a man robbed the store and "raped her at gunpoint." She was completely shocked following the horrific incident and kept asking "why her."

Union grieved, but it wasn't before long that she started to feel "uncomfortable" being the victim. It was when Union decided to attend counselling and therapy to get better and move on.

Being a rape survivor was never Union's shame to begin with. In a recent interview with The View, Union said that she "hated" when people assemble in support of someone but not really for "something positive." Union said she got tired feeling the victim. Instead, she welcomed the idea of being a survivor of the psychological trauma brought about by her sexual assault experience.

On a lighter note, Union is set to marry Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade on Aug. 30 in Miami after eight months of engagement.


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