The Future of PS4 and PlayStation Now Discussed as Sony Reaches 100 Million in PlayStation Sales

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Shoppers browse for video games near a poster advertising a FIFA soccer video game played on Sony Corp's PlayStation 4 console, at an electronics retail store in Tokyo June 10, 2014.
Shoppers browse for video games near a poster advertising a FIFA soccer video game played on Sony Corp's PlayStation 4 console, at an electronics retail store in Tokyo June 10, 2014. Sony joined other sponsors on Sunday to call on soccer's rulers to deal thoroughly with allegations of bribery to secure the 2022 World Cup for Qatar, an issue overshadowing this week's kickoff in Brazil. With its four yearly showpiece event only four days away, soccer's governing body FIFA is on the defensive, conducting an internal investigation into the decisions to hold the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the 2022 Cup in Qatar. Both countries have denied any wrongdoing. REUTERS

Sony has been very much on top of the direction of the PS4 since it was introduced back in February of 2013. Even then, its line of sight towards giving gamers what they want in hardware and in gaming has been a big part of the PlayStation identity.

But it seems that Sony is also trying hard to maintain a good hand in the future, and Forbes reports that, given the relatively continuing success of the PS4 overall, Sony's Andrew House has given out his plans for the future of the PlayStation franchise.

It seems that the plans can be divided into three major areas for the PS4, including streaming or the PlayStation Now, virtual reality or the Project Morpheus and lifestyle.

When it comes to its VR tech and PlayStation Now, the public is pretty much aware of the direction that this is trying to go.

At Develop 14, House and the PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny have also touched on a bit of the PlayStation Now, the Gaikai-based service that has recently gotten a bit of flak for the insane prices for rental games offered.

"No one can make perfect predictions of where these things [streaming] trend, but it says to me that the convenience of streaming have been embraced first in music, now in video and television," said Andrew House in a video highlight for Develop 14 as seen below.

"It's going to play some form of role in our business as well. And our view is that, we want it rather than having the future dictate it to you is to try and be a pioneer of that area and shape the way that it goes. That's what we're trying to do with PlayStation Now."

But lifestyle is potentially something that has not yet been fully explored or fleshed out in the public sphere. For the most part of the conversation, Forbes reports that the PS4 may also be dabbling with sensor and fitness technology to see where it can contribute to the vision of the PS4 for its fans.

"We're also seeing a revolution in the development of sensor technology whether it's lifestyle fitness management or the trend of wearables, I think we're on the cusp right now of seeing a huge number of these different sets of technology get down to the physical size and low cost where they're going to be very ubiquitous," said House in an interview quoted by Forbes. "This could play some sort of role in a new generation of interactive experiences."

100 Million PlayStation Sales Tapped

During the first few months following its release, there has been a continuous watch over the sales numbers for both the PS4 and Xbox One to see which was in the lead for the console wars.

While the PS4 has been in the lead for the most part, Sony may have sold more units in the past few months and not just with its next-gen console. DualShockers reports that a new Sony ad has been released that shows off a 100 million collective count for the number of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita sold.

The report shows a quick track of where the PlayStation devices currently are in their sales count since 2013, wherein the PS4 has shipped around 80 million in November 2013. The last count for the PS4 was in April, where it had tapped the seven million mark in sales, while the PS Vita does not have any concrete count that was publicised recently.

For the three consoles to reach 20 million units sold anywhere between three to eight months would be a wonder, but if the PS4's continuous overtaking of Microsoft in terms of sales does indicate a good demand for PlayStation device, then the number can mean that the past few months have been a success in terms of moving retail numbers.

Check out the newest trailer for the promotion in the link here.

PlayStation Dev Highlight (via YouTube/Develop Conference)

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