The Future For Oprah's OWN Network This 2012 With An Unsuccessful 2011

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2011 was the beginning of Oprah's OWN Network but it did not turn out as good as she expected it would. This joint venture between Oprah's HARPO and Discovery took the spot of 'Discovery Health' to be able to attract a wider audience. 

Discovery invested about $250 million, according to the reports made by Associated Press, but its overall rating failed by only getting 136,000 viewers during the past year.

With Oprah's name attached to the new network, it was just normal to expect the entire thing to be successful in a much faster rate than the usual. Oprah even took over as CEO and COO by July of 2011 when the ratings continued to plummet down as the year progressed. Some fans said that the concept was not organized and that it was not as focused anymore as Oprah's former show.

Oprah remains optimistic though about the network's performance according to an interview made with Associated Press but just how the OWN President Erik Logan puts it, the popular television host is honest enough to admit the mistakes done saying: "We're still learning."

In the long run, Oprah is not discouraged by the failures and setbacks they encounter along the way and that she remains committed to picking up success for the network after some time.

"I don't give up, I'm just getting started," Oprah finished off with a strong statement in one recent interview.


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