Funny Viral: Lessons for Parents on Social Media from 'Reasons My Son Is Crying' [PHOTOS]


If you're a parent currently dealing with toddlers, you must check out a 3-day-old blog that has gone viral for its funny and thought-provoking content: "Reasons My Son Is Crying."

There are a couple of parenting lessons on the latest Tumblr site to go viral. But they come under the guise of tears. Lots of tears. The viral parenting blog shows a lot of crying moments from one little man in a series of funny photos (or at least the blog author meant it to be funny). It must be noted, however, that not everyone gets the humour in the blogger's intention.

Here are a couple of lessons a toddler's parent can pick up from the funny blog, "Reasons my son is crying:"

1. Finding opportunities to smile or laugh in the middle of a difficult situation stops it from getting worse. One dad thought he'd use humor to deal with the difficulties of raising a toddler. He managed to laugh at what used to be very challenging moments. reported the dad behind "Reasons My Son Is Crying" is Greg Pembroke, 32, from Rochester, New York. He has two sons under four years old, but his blog's titular son is his 20-month-old Charlie.

 "Kids have meltdowns 20, 30 times a day," quoted Pembroke as saying. "You can drive yourself crazy or you can laugh and just accept it," the dad added.

2. will tell you whether your photos are funny or not. Pembroke had posted a link to his blog on Reddit and drew as much as 3,000 comments. That told him there's an audience for his parenting woes, and they can laugh their way through toddler meltdowns together.

3. Social media can support and slam you all at once. Pembroke has been criticized for allegedly mocking his children. Others support him for reminding other parents the funny side of their children's meltdowns.

"I think every parent experiences meltdowns and I was trying to have a little fun with it," Pembroke said.

Start the slideshow for a sampling of Pembroke's funny blog entries to "Reasons My Son Is Crying."

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