Funny Valentine's Day Memes [PHOTOS]


Flowers, chocolates and balloons everywhere, Valentine's fever must be in the air. While some people are excited for their dates, others prefer to celebrate their date nights online.

The internet is booming with lots of funny memes and gifs to compensate the lonely night that the singles will be spending. But just because you don't have a significant other, doesn't meant that this day can't be enjoyed.

Several memes that use famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and many more are scattered all over the net. Who knew that being single on Valentine's day could be funny?

But this doesn't only work for those who are currently unattached, in fact it is for everyone to enjoy. Sites like Tumblr, 9gag and Imgur are filled with Valentine's day themes and pictures.

The images don't mean to offend anyone, specifically memes that were aimed for Taylor Swift. There are a few Valentine's Day cards posted online that mocks Taylor Swift's inability to keep her relationship last for several months. Well the singer shouldn't be offended since it's all true and it's all just for fun.

Whether you are single or with someone, there's always room for some fun in romance. Especially since it's Valentine's Day, let's spark the day with some humor.

Browse through the gallery to see some funny Valentine's Day memes.

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