Funny or Mean? 'Elevator Ghost' Prank Goes Viral, 8M Views [VIDEO]

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A scary prank has gone viral within days after its footage was uploaded to YouTube. Brazilian variety show "Programa Silvio Santos" pulled the elevator prank, which starts the minute its targets walk into the building.

Warning: The images you will see when you scroll down might be disturbing.

The objective of the prank is to bring chills down the targets' spines, probably have them screaming out of utter fright. Is it funny or mean?

How the prank goes: Targets walk into location, then they approach a receptionist. Targets are then led to a fake elevator; which does not really lift passengers. Once the targets have settled into the elevator ride, the lights would flicker before completely going out. On cue, a little girl dressed in a white gown would come out of a secret door just behind the targets. She is unbelievably pale, dons unruly hair, and keeps a freaky doll in her arm - a common sight in old school horror movies.

These are some still shots from the footage:

‘Elevator Ghost’ Prank Goes Viral, 8M Views – Funny or Mean? [YouTube]

‘Elevator Ghost’ Prank Goes Viral, 8M Views – Funny or Mean? [YouTube]

Play the video below if you're not easily scared or bothered by horror movie flashbacks. Do you think the prank is funny-just-for-laughs? Or does it border on being mean to the targets?

Some of the YouTube Comments

Fear the living, not the dead - Randy Marsh - Buxenwolf

I could tell at 1:15 that the girl was trying not to smile - Squiremjr

haha... they should be careful, if it had been me i would have done some kung fu on the little girl :P - cyberpedestrian

got bored after 4 mins - DDollMe

Why are little girls in night gowns so freaking scary?! I probably would have pissed myself - Crazelord91

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