Funny Kitchen Memes on British Chef Gordon Ramsay [PHOTOS]

  on February 08 2013 2:44 PM

Award-winning British chef Gordon Ramsay became well-known not only with his culinary skills but for his vicious temper and constant use of vulgar language as well inside the kitchen. Still, Gordon's horrible behavior garnered media attention in the U.S. and U.K. including a humorous take on social media sites called the Gordon Ramsay Memes.

In a Radio Times survey, 3,000 people voted for Gordon Ramsay as the most terrifying celebrity on television due to his angry personality on-screen. Gordon has exhibited such behavior in famous culinary TV show such as "Boiling Point," "Hell's Kitchen" and "Master Chef."

Gordon Ramsay's fiery character is the result of his aim to achieve culinary excellence. "Such behavior within the kitchen is necessary and demonstrates passion," Ramsay explained.

Meanwhile, David Beckham will reportedly open the Union Street Café with the critically-acclaimed chef. Their business partnership may look or sound odd to some people but the English footballer has been open about his close friendship with Gordon Ramsay. David Beckham has presented the TV chef VIP tickets to his football games and even watched basketball games together.

The Beckham-Ramsay restaurant business is scheduled to open and serve Mediterranean-influenced dishes on September 2013. The Union Street Café will be located close to the Borough Market in London.

"We're really excited to be opening Union Street Cafe in September and it's great that David wants to come on board and be a partner," Gordon Ramsay shared about the business project and his partnership with David Beckham.

Meanwhile, take a look at the images to see the funny memes created on Chef Gordon Ramsay.

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