Funny? After Arrest for DUI, Justin Bieber Smiles Widely in Mugshot for Miami Police! [VIDEO]

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Justin Bieber has finally joined the league of celebrities with police mug shots. The 19-year-old was arrested by police in Miami on Thursday not only for drag racing (with an expired license) but also driving under influence! Though most celebrity mug shots (pictures taken by cops for their own record immediately after arrest) are gloomy, dull with a sense of either remorse or defiance, you will be surprised to see Justin Bieber's picture is all different. The "Baby" hitmaker is actually smiling big in it! See picture here.

Justin is seen wearing an orange shirt and is grinning widely. It could be because the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez might still be under the influence of weed and alcohol or he might have found getting arrested funny. Whatever way it is, Justin might even be jailed for the cause he has been arrested on January 23.

The pop singer was caught street/drag racing with rapper Khalil in matching Lamborghinis at 4 am in the morning when he was stopped by the cops. Justin's vehicle was caught at the speed of about 60 miles per hour, which is almost double the designated speed limit on the residential street he was driving in, said Dr., Sgt. Bobby Hernandez of the Miami-Dade Police Department in a press conference, reports Hollywood Life.

Justin was "on a prescription medication, was high on marijuana, and had drank a beer and proceeded to curse out officers and resist arrest by refusing to take his hands out of his pockets," Sgt. Hernandez told

The Web site is also reporting that Justin Bieber's biological dad Jeremy Bieber was also with him at the time of his arrested and helped the singer get prepared for clearing off the residential area. The 38-year-old was also pictured with Justin earlier in the day.

Justin was accompanied by a sexy model named Chantell Jefries as he was driving his car at the time of arrest. Wonder what Selena Gomez has to say about the arrest of Justin Bieber? Are you still a "Belieber" after his recent arrest.·

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