Frozen's Queen Elsa Lookalike Anna Faith Carlson Becomes Viral, Teenager Wishes to Land the Role in 'Once Upon a Time'

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Her name is Anna but she looks like Queen Elsa from the Disney film "Frozen." Teenager Anna Faith Carlson from Daytona Beach got recognized for her close resemblance to the Disney character after a shared Instagram photo went viral.

The 18-year-old Queen Elsa lookalike shared in the Tampa Bay Times report that her mom and best friend encouraged her to take a photo next to a cardboard cutout of Queen Elsa while they were at the Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs. "We had just finished a modeling job in Orlando and my mom and best friend wanted me to take a picture with the cutout," Anna Faith recounted.

The teenage girl initially did not want to have her picture taken because her hair was up and she looked like a mess but eventually agreed to just do it. After the image was shared to Instagram, people who saw the picture started to notice the resemblance between Anna and the Disney character.

"I saw the movie sometime in December, not long after it came out. It wasn't long after it came out that people started saying that I looked like Elsa," Anna Faith shared. On Instagram, Anna even shared the screenshot of a Google search "Elsa lookalike." The teenager wrote "Google knows who I am, this is great" as a caption to the image. Click HERE to see photo.

With Anna's resemblance to Queen Elsa getting recognized, the teenager now aspires to land the role in the ABC TV series "Once Upon a Time" where the "Frozen" characters are set to appear. Karen Carlson, Anna's mother, revealed that they tried to reach out to the network but did not get any response yet.

"She would absolutely love to be on the show, since they are adding Frozen characters," Karen Carlson shared. According to the Epoch Times report, Anna Faith is now making appearances as Queen Elsa at schools, birthday parties and hospitals with her sister who dresses up as Princess Anna.

Karen Carlson manages the appearances of her daughters as the "Frozen" characters. She confirmed that they do the appearances for free because seeing the smiles on the kids' faces are rewarding, special and worth it.

"It's touching to bring life to a character in front of a child's eyes," Anna Faith shared. Karen and Anna Faith Carlson are currently planning their trip to the Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia to make an appearance at a fundraising event for a 5-year-old autistic girl diagnosed with cancer.

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