'Frozen's' Queen Elsa Lives in 'Once Upon A Time' [VIDEO]

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"Frozen's" Queen Elsa makes cold waves in her television appearance in "Once Upon A Time." The Disney-owned ABC teased viewers in "OUAT's" 2-hour season three finale on May 11. Queen Elsa's arrival in the fictional town of Storybrooke delighted fans and viewers.

The latest addition of the "chilling" Queen to OUAT is very timely and gave fans anticipation for the renewed fourth season. Prior to the finale, executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz hoped that OUATs fans will be excited with the big reveal.

Queen Elsa was tagged along into the mix of things when Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) returned to Storybrooke from a time-traveling quest. Emma accidentally brought a dark magical object with her during their travel.

In the final seconds of the finale, the object releases a blue liquid that transforms into Frozen's Queen Elsa. It wasn't so hard to guess that the person who came out was Disney's latest princess (or Queen) - only showing her back, she wears the trademark ice-made light blue dress, displays the blonde hair, showcases her icy powers, and leaves an icy path upon walking.

With Elsa's short portrayal in OUAT's season finale, Disney-ABC hasn't revealed yet if the Snow Queen will be a villain, or a solution to Regina's evil side. OUAT will be expected to tweak the typical fairy tale, and Elsa might show a totally different twist in the show.

Some of the fans commented that they wouldn't like Elsa to be a villain as it ruins the animation movie's character. While there are other fans who said it will be fine whatever role Elsa will play in the TV series. The show obviously made Elsa's actress' identity a mystery which made viewers unsure if the cast was just a stand-in for the episode.

ABC's Once Upon A Time is expected to resume with a new season come September.

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