‘Friends’ Reunion For Real Or Hoax? A Fan-Made Poster Goes Viral On Twitter, Fans React

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Fans of the superhit sitcom series, "Friends," have been fooled with the news of their possible reunion. Again, rumors about the most sought reunion are swirling around. In the wake of such rumors, a "Friends" poster went viral on Twitter claiming the reunion to take place in 2014.

Ever since NBC's sitcom "Friends" came to an end in 2004, fans are awaiting the reunion of the cast members. Sometimes the rumors would suggest a cast reunion with the return of the TV series with a special episode or a reunion in the form of a "Friends" movie.

2014 is the tenth year of completion of "Friends" series on TV. In time, a poster has gone viral on Twitter that puts together all the six cast members: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt Le Blanc and David Schwimmer. According to the reports, based on the viral "Friends" poster, the reunion is titled, "The One After The 10 Year Break."

It is believed as a fan-made, photoshopped poster that has led to hoax news, claiming a reunion in 2014. But no news of reunion has been reported by either of the cast members or producers.

Earlier, some of the reports that were making the rounds said the "Friends" reunion is possible only if actress Jennifer Aniston is convinced to return for the most awaited reunion. These reports claimed that actress who portrayed Rachel Green character in the series is getting "slowly" convinced.  

Rumors stirred up before Christmas 2013. Also, a frenzy of speculation took over when Jennifer Aniston was spotted on a holiday break with co-star and "Friends" cast member Courtney Cox in Mexico.

In the light of these long-running "Friends" reunion rumors and debate some of the fans are really disappointed. They took to Twitter to express their anguish that they experience each time a "Friends" reunion hoax news kicks off. Some of the tweets on Twitter read:   

A twitter user Jerry Lorzeno wrote: "People gotta stop posting that friends reunion movie poster it's not happening sadly."  

Another Twitter use Stephen Hladik said: "That Friends reunion poster is definitely fake. they stuck a picture of Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet and called it a day."

Emma Duchesneau wrote: "I really wish social media would stop toying with my emotions and saying there's going to be a Friends reunion"

Twitter user Rorman tweeted: "Whoever posted the fake friends reunion poster should be punished by having to listen to Janice's laugh the rest of their life #OhMyGawd."                  

According to the reports, while some "Friends" fans are disappointed due to this hoax "Friends" reunion poster, there are some who do wish to witness a "Friends" Reunion 20th Anniversary Special in 2014.  

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